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Captain Pollution is the complete opposite of Captain Planet. He is summoned by Dr. Blight’s five evil rings; deforestation, super radiation, smog, toxics and hate. These powers are in contrast to the five good rings held by the planeteers; earth, fire, wind, water and heart.

Like Captain Planet’s powers are rejuvenated by solar energy, Captain Pollution’s powers are strengthened by the contact with pollution.

Captain Pollution appears to be a corrupted version of Captain Planet. He has sickly yellow skin covered in orange sores and scabs, purple clothes similar to Captain Planet’s red ones, the globe emblem on his chest is cracked and he has long filthy orange hair.

Captain Planet was usually formed in a flash of light but Captain Pollution's formation is far more creepy. As the evil powers converge a skeleton forms, then bands of evil energy wrap around it, forming Captain Pollution’s flesh and skin.

Captain Planet defeated Captain Pollution by tackling his through the four elemental powers, smashing him into the ground, through lava and water and then throwing him into the clean air. This destroyed the five evil rings and left Captain Pollution powerless and stranded on Commander Clash’s island.

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