Captain Planet in the DC Universe

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I am drifting off in class, and I was thinking about the Elementals from the widely-discussed Brightest Day that I never read, and up popped Captain Planet. So, if Captain Planet existed in the DC Universe, summoned not by the powers of five teenagers, but the Elementals (Earth! (Martian Manhunter); Fire! (Firestorm); Wind! (Hawkgirl); Water (Aquaman)), who would play Heart? Whom among the superheroes possesses the sound mind and clean heart to offer himself up time after time for the greater good?

My vote is for All-Star Superman, Dick Grayson, or Azzarello's Wonder Woman.


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@VampireSelektor said:


DC already has a captain planet better then Captain Planet. His name is swamp thing, and he doesn't need any anoying kids to summon him. He's his own boss. perhaps you've heard of him

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@Crom-Cruach:'s not quite the same. Swamp Thing is cool, though.

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I would replace your entire line up personally and go with younger heroes. Then I would change Captain Planet from a good guy to a monster that absorbs the host bodies to take the elements of the earth and have him take down Superman and Wonder Woman causing the superheroes of the DC universe to unite against a force that has deemed humanity a plague.

Earth- Terra

Fire- Hot Spot

Water- Zan "Guy Wonder Twin'

Wind- Cyclone

Heart- Jayna- "Lady Wonder Twin"

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