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Continuing the Femforce crossover!! Back in the 1870's, the Femforce and Harry Diamond take on local dress and custom to fit in, and rub shoulders with some of the Old West's most famous fictional characters. While they witness a gunfight between a giant alien Kronon and The Latigo Kid, the heroes left in the PRESENT with the Scarlet Scorpion are having trouble remembering who has gone back into the past, and why!! This book crosses over with Femforce #7 and #8, and leads into The Armageddon Factor #1. This untitled story is written and drawn by Rik Levins, with inks by John Dell, Dan Davis, Dell Barras, Mark Heike and Bill Black. It guest stars Ms. Victory, She-Cat, Stardust, Nightveil, Tim Holt, The Black Phantom, Angel Eyes Barcroft, Klyness, Tara Fremont, Captain Freedom, Colt, Dr. Jimenez, Drs. Lieber and Kurtzberg, Atoman, Dr, Mark Benton and The Vardax.

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