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Over half a century ago Nathaniel Omen decided to claim all of Earth's oceans as his private territory.  He then surveyed and marked the whole ocean floor, thinking that this would ensure his possession rights.  To do this he built the Infra-World, a giant submarine with over a dozen decks, thousands of feet long, housing for hundreds and storage for massive amounts of oxygen.  Omen, his crew and their families soon left for their voyage.  Well aware that his project would take decades to complete, as the population gradually increased Omen mutated his son Filius and the children of his crew so that they could withstand the tons of water pressure at the ocean floor.  The new mutated crew captured and domesticated many toad-whales to help them travel outside of the submarine.  A few of the crew including Omen's son Filius began to grow tired of serving Omen and longed to see the surface world.  They organized as the children of the new order, waiting for the time when they could escape.


Captain Omen was created by Steve Englehart and Herb Trimpe in 1973 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 164.

Mayor Story Arcs

Meeting the Hulk

More recently, in the arctic, the Infra-World came across a battle between a U.S. submarine and the Hulk.  Omen hoped to utilize the Hulk's strength so he captured him and brought him aboard the Infra-World.  The Children of the New Order then joined with Hulk in order to escape, and the Hulk defeated Aquon, a human-shark hybrid created by Omen.  Omen then went to the surface and allowed Hulk and the others to leave.  Unfortunately, their mutated physiologies could not last on the surface and after a few minutes their bodies exploded under their own pressure.  Omen then returned to his seemingly endless mission. 

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