How many kids does he have?

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It seems like Mar-Vell was the Captain Kirk of the MU. Everytime I turn around he has a new kid poping up. I have notice all of them are in their 20's except Hulking I was just curious how many does he have so far.

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Does anyone know?

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@Rell127 He has three kids. His first kid is Genis-Vell a half Kree half Eternal son. Genis is currently dead. His second kid is phyla-Vell same as Genis she is a Kree/eternal hybrid...she is also dead. His last kid Is hulking of the young avengers he is a Kree/skull hybrid

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@z3ro180: Didn't he have a daughter that held the Quasar title before?

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@Rell127 yea that's his daughter phyla-vell

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