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And Fear Shall Follow!

An Aakon space ship lands on the dark side of the moon for repairs. It’s spotted by the Kree ship Helion and Colonel Yon-Rogg orders a ground assault despite Captain Mar-Vell’s protests. During the battle Mar-Vell defeats the Aakon commander himself but Yon-Rogg is shot and knocked unconscious. The Kree win the battle thanks to Mar-Vell who rescues the Colonel and takes him back on board. While Yon-Rogg recovers Mar-Vell heads back to Earth to resume his mission and Una feels insecure about his relationship with Carol Danvers. Mar-Vell decides to investigate the former life of Walter Lawson - the man whose identity he has taken and arrives at the professor’s home. Mar-Vell is amazed at the size and grandeur of Lawson’s abode as it seems far beyond the means of an University professor. As the mystery deepens about Lawson’s past the Captain accidentally stumbles across a hidden lab containing advanced scientific equipment and the empty mould for a giant robot. Mar-Vell discovers the computer cards used to program the robot and suddenly two armed men break into Lawson’s home and start shooting. Finding the scientist missing they contact their leader Number One and the conversation reveals The Organization has invested millions into Lawson’s robot and that it was designed to be an assassin. Number One spots Mar-Vell and his goons open fire. Mar-Vell manages to dodge the bullets and fights off the thugs. They escape in a car but the Captain flies after them. A chase begins on a rocky mountain road and ends in the criminal’s death as they crash off a ledge. Seeing this, Number One orders all The Organization’s agents to kill Captain Marvel.

Mar-Vell, who had promised Carol Danvers aid in her investigation of Lawson, informs her of some of his findings. Carol feels a connection to Mar-Vell and kisses him. Una observes from The Helion and is devastated as Yon-Rogg goads her. Later at The Cape, Mar-Vell finds from Lawson’s computer cards the robot, codenamed Big Boy, was sent on a test run by the scientist and has been programmed to kill none other than Walter Lawson himself! Big Boy tracks the chemical components of Lawson’s scent to the site were his plane crashed and at the same time General Bridges drives by. Big Boy attacks Bridges and his soldiers whose weapons are useless against the metal android. Another vehicle passes – this time Chester’s cab with Mar-Vell disguised as Lawson. Bridges shouts for Lawson to save himself and seeing his target Big Boy releases the General. Lawson runs into the woods only to reappear as Captain Marvel. The Man of Kree attacks the android but is relentlessly pummelled and finally grabbed in Big Boy’s steel grip. Una pleads for Yon-Rogg to send help but he refuses to interfere. As Mar-Vell is being crushed he manages to use his U-Beam to make the robot release him. Carol Danvers arrives on the scene in time to see Big Boy attacked by a repeated barrage of U-Beam blasts that finally overload the robots circuits, causing him to explode. Danvers tells Captain Marvel he managed to end Lawson’s scheme and the General enquires what she meant. Danvers says it’s insignificant and as the crowd leave, Big Boy begins to self-repair.

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