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Die, Town, Die!

Captain Mar-Vell finds himself strapped to a truth chair and on trial for disobeying a high command when he aided the humans against SOLAM instead of merely observing. Mar-Vell admits aiding the humans but denies his motives were to become a hero on Earth. He says he has successfully infiltrated The Cape and as it contains encyclopaedic knowledge of Earth technology, allowing it to be destroyed would be harmful to his mission of studying Earth. The truth chair’s verdict is inconclusive and Ronan the Accuser decides Mar-Vell must destroy an entire Earth community with Virus Z-3 to prove he isn’t a traitor. As Mar-Vell jets back to Earth, he is torn between his duty to The Kree and becoming a cold blooded killer.

Meantime Carol Danvers investigates the site where she saw a U.F.O. recently and Yon-Rogg, observing from The Helion, decides she must be eliminated. He fires a charge of cosmic energy at her but Mar-Vell destroys it with his Uni-Beam. Danvers runs into Mar-Vell’s arms and tells him she suspects Walter Lawson and asks him to help her investigation. She mentions the FBI have sent her Lawson’s fingerprints and Mar-Vell secretly makes a copy of them with his U-Beam. Watching the events, Yon-Rogg shows Una how close Mar-Vell and Danvers have become and Una responds by saying he is only doing his duty, while secretly feeling insecure. Meanwhile in underground caves beneath Manhattan, Quasimodo has sensed the presence of the world’s biggest source of computer energy in Florida and heads for The Cape. The Living Computer’s plan is to feed on this energy source and take control of all the computers in the world.

In Mar-Vell’s hotel room, the Kree uses a cell transmuter to change his very fingerprints to match the ones of the real Walter Lawson he took with his U-Beam. At the same time, Quasimodo attacks The Cape and easily takes control of the guards’ weapons, turning them against their owners. He forces General Bridges to re-link the super computers as when SOLAM was defeated and instantly takes control of all the machinery in The Cape. Captain Marvel arrives to plant his new fingerprints in Lawson’s office and witnessing the destruction attacks Quasimodo. A battle ensues and using his mechanical minions Quasimodo defeats Mar-Vell who feigns unconsciousness. The hideous villain leaves and hijacking a small plane heads for his hideout with Mar-Vell secretly in pursuit. In the Helion, Una sabotages the ships monitor so Yon-Rogg can’t prove Mar-Vell has again abandoned his orders. Mar-Vell pursues Quasimodo to a town re-enacting the 1890’s where he’s attacked by people shooting rays from their eyes. The townsfolk turn out to be robot mannequins and the town is actually an amusement park Quasimodo has subjugated. Mar-Vell finds his foe in the control centre and destroys it using his U-Beam. This causes the “townsfolk” to drop dead and simultaneously Mar-Vell throws the vial of Virus Z-3 at them, appearing to carry out his murderous orders. As the antihero flies back to his ship, he wonders how long can he keep up this game of double deceit – false hero to Earth and counterfeit crusader to his own people.

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