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In The Path Of SOLAM!

Captain Mar-Vell finds himself battling a giant alien creature but has no recollection of how this nightmare began. In fact the nightmare is a program of Psycho-Combat projected into his mind by his beloved Una, the medic on the Kree ship Helion, by order of Yon-Rogg. Colonel Yon-Rogg commands Una to turn up the intensity to killer level in hopes of destroying his rival but Mar-Vell eventually prevails. The Captain returns to Earth and resuming the identity of Dr. Lawson, heads towards The Cape. At the same time a technical failure on board the Helion forces the ship to land on Earth, disabling its Aura of Negativism for a few seconds. In those seconds the ship is seen by Carol Danvers as she drives towards The Cape, causing her to almost hit Walter Lawson. Seeing Lawson, Danvers tells him about the U.F.O. and he reacts by mocking her, claiming the rising column of air is not from a space ship landing but a Florida hurricane. Danvers maintains her suspicions as the ship jets off leaving scorched circles in the ground where it landed.

At The Cape, Dr. Lundquist explains his Solar Amplification (SOLAM) project to Walt Lawson. The SOLAM is a giant energy gun that shoots solar rays by harnessing the powers of the sun by using orbiting reflectors in space. Lawson angers Lundquist by claiming his project is too dangerous and Yon-Rogg intervenes by giving Mar-Vell a shock via his wrist monitor. Mar-Vell apologizes for his outburst and the scientists head to the control room where General Bridges and Carol Danvers await. The SOLAM project is successfully launched and the energy gun harnesses the largest amount of solar energy stored on Earth. Suddenly the gun overloads and the stored energy converts into a photo-kinetic living mass! Mar-Vell, having prior knowledge of SOLAM beings from his experience with the Kree army, changes into his battle suit and attacks the creature with his U-Beam. Each shot shrinks the creature but it counters with blasts of its own energy. Mar-Vell continues his attack until SOLAM is one blast away from disappearing when Yon-Rogg intercepts by sending another shock through Mar-Vell’s wrist Monitor. This stuns the antihero allowing SOLAM to escape and head towards the base’s gym. On reaching the gym SOLAM breaks into the sunlamp room and absorbs the ultra violet rays returning to its former size. The creature then heads towards the rocket testing sector.

Captain Marvel tells General Bridges to bombard the creature with even more energy and kill it by over feeding. In order to do so, the General orders a hook up of The Cape’s master computer with the super computers at Carnege Tech, Cal Tech and M.I.T. With the hook up complete, Captain Marvel enters mathematical formulae into the computers advanced years beyond human knowledge. With the calculations entered, Mar-Vell aims the energy gun towards the advancing SOLAM. Pressing the trigger, he fires a single concentrated beam of photo-energy. The beam hits SOLAM and it grows larger and larger until finally exploding into nothingness. Captain Marvel jets away to the thanks of the entire base and questions himself why a son of Kree has again saved a world he may soon have to destroy. Is he truly losing his identity? Back on the Helion, Yon-Rogg is enraged and sends a full report to Ronan the Accuser. Elsewhere, Quasimodo has detected the world’s largest concentration of computer connections at The Cape.

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