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The soulless body of Una is attacked by a strange allien and then she flies towards the Earth, after Captain Marvel. Fifteen days later, Rick Jones and Captain Marvel are at the moon talking to the Watcher after their last adventure when they had saved the Watcher. They go back to Earth and after splitting their minds off, each one goes one way, for the first time they are free to live their lives separately. Rick goes back to his agent Mordecai and tries to restart his music career, even though he had spent too much time away from Earth and its new generation teenagers. Captain Marvel flies to Avengers Mansion but finds only Jarvis there. He tells him that he is leaving Earth and going back to his planet, in Kree's World, and just wanted to say goodbye to his old fellows.

In Cape Citadel, Ann Winston sees a girl walking towards a launching rocket and tries to stop the flight, but the girl is Una and she destroys the computers. She wants to call Captain Marvel's attention and he is actually flying over the Cape Citadel when it happens. Captain Marvel doesn't want to fight his old lover but there isn't another way, so he kills her again in order to stop the alien inside her.

Rick Jones gets angry with the audience laughing at his music and destroys the stage, but that causes an opposite reaction - the crowd loves him!

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