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Marv and a blue-skinned woman make love together while at the same moment Rick Jones is entertaining the people of the Microverse during his concert.

A Kree officer stands outside the room and knocks on the door. He asks if Captain Marvel is inside there. Marv says that he is. The officer says that the Colonel also wanted to know if his mistress was there. Marv says that she is. The officer coughs and says that the Colonel wishes to see Marv immediately. Marv opens the door and aims his gun and the Kree soldier’s head. He says, “Does he now?” The soldier responds that he does. Marv says that they mustn’t keep him waiting then. The officer looks into the room and sees the Colonel’s mistress lying somewhat dazed on the bed. He asks if the young lady, named Saria, is dead. Marv says that she is not, but that the day is young.

The mysterious woman that Rick met in Shinga Doon’s cave tells Rick that the party is over. Rick doesn’t respond. She asks Rick if he heard her. Rick says that he did. She asks Rick if he is going to tell the groupies to leave or if she will have to. Rick tells them to leave. The girls gather up their clothes and belongings and go. They tell Rick that he was wonderful, wish him good luck with the rest of his tour, and one even tells him that she loves him. The woman starts to say, “You know, Rick…:, but Rick cuts her off and says that he does not know. He says that he doesn’t know who she is or how she led him down the mountain. He says that he is writing songs like he never has before and he is playing music with a passion and fire that makes strong men weep and women crave him. He says that he doesn’t know why. He says that she has built a life and a career for him in the Microverse and that he doesn’t know why or how. He says that all he does know is that he wants her so much that it is killing him and that she has never kissed or touched him. He says that she has never even told him her name. The woman whispers, “Epiphany” and then leans in to kiss Rick.

Aboard the Kree ship, the Colonel asks Marvel if he is done with his mistress yet. Marv says, “If the Colonel wishes it.” The Colonel yells that Marv seduced her away from him. Marv agrees that he did. He says that she never stood a chance. He says that they will part ways and that she will never be able to find a man that can pleasure her the way a man with cosmic awareness can. He says that the knowledge that she will never have it again will inevitable destroy her. He says that if the Colonel wishes it that he can kill her now, spare her the hardship, and give him some measure of vengeance. The Colonel says, “You’re half-Kree, half-Titan, and all bastard. Do you know that, Captain Marvel?” Marv says, “Yes, sir.”

Marv and Saria are walking together. Marv says that he is to leave immediately for some coordinates where intelligence indicates that the Shi'ar have establishes a listening post. He says that energy signatures of any vessel would be detected and that the Colonel believes that he can infiltrate the area undetected. Saria says that it is a suicide mission. She says that if they suspect he is coming that they will try to kill him. Marv says, “Yes. Perhaps they will succeed.” He says that his death would be unexpected, but that the ramifications would be intriguing. Saria kisses Marv. She says that she doesn’t want him to die. Marv says, “You’re pregnant.” Saria starts to say that isn’t possible, but Marv cuts her off. He says, “We’ll speak of this later. Or not.” He dons his helmet and flies off. Saria uses her communiqué and says, “Alert. Alert. He knows. Advise termination.” The voice on the other side says that is negative and that he will be dealt with.

Rick tries to contact Marv as he lies in bed. There is no answer and Rick figures that he is too busy being “Cosmic Psycho Boy”. He says that Marv is doing fine without him and that he is doing fine without Marv. Suddenly Rick realizes that he doesn’t know how he got in bed. He doesn’t remember anything after being in his dressing room. He sits up and says, “And where’s… what’d she say her name was?” A voice says, “Epiphany… what are you playing at?” Epiphany is standing in the bathroom and says that she could ask him the same thing. She says that she has and that so has Father. The voice says, “Do not bring him into this.” Epiphany says that he already is in it and that they all are. Rick realizes that the voice belongs to No One. He grabs a blanket and wraps it around himself. Epiphany says that someone is awake. No One says that after their ill-advised congress that he is surprised that he can still think or move. Rick asks who that is and says that it is the one that stranded him on the mountain. No One asks why he asks questions that he already knows the answer to. Epiphany says that this might not be the smartest move. Rick says to screw that and says that he wants to know what is going on. He barges into the bathroom and there stands a starry outline of a figure wrapped in the same blanket that Rick wrapped himself in. No One says, “Do you? Do you really?"

The Shi’ar commander wants to know where Captain Marvel is. She says that it seems that he knows that this is an ambush. Her second says that even if he does know that they may be able to kill him still. He says that they are the Shi’ar and that he is only a half breed Kree. The commander says that may be, but that he has tremendous strength and that his activities in the last few weeks alone threaten to destabilize the entire region. She says that he wields power that is, by all reports, beyond measure. Her second says that he doubts the reports. The commander asks if there is any sign of him yet. She is told there is no sign still. The commander wonders. She says that the reports do strain credulity, but that they seem to indicate that Marv could manipulate light and energy and, on a limited basis, space/time itself. She wonders if he could warp space and elude all detection until he were right in their midst. She says that all thinks are possible when one is cosmically powered. Captain Marvel stands right behind them and says, “It certainly provides food for thought.” The Shi’ar all start firing at Marv. His shields protect him from all of the fire and Marv starts to tell a story. He says that there once was a king that lusted after a married woman. They committed adultery and the King got the woman pregnant. The pregnancy couldn’t be covered up because the woman’s husband was a soldier and was abstaining from sex to prepare for battle. Marv stops his story for a second to warn the Shi’ar about the ricocheting blasts. He says that he could strike back with his photonic powers, but that he couldn’t stop from killing all of them. Marv says that actually he probably could, but that he wouldn’t want to. He says that it is important to know your limits when your power is limitless. Marv goes back to the story and says that to cover his ass the King sent the woman’s husband into the front line of combat. He says that the King expected the man to be killed, and he was, leaving the King free to marry the woman. Marv says that the adulterous pregnancy was covered up. Marv says that there were consequences though. He says that there are always consequences. Marv withdraws his blaster and points it right at the Shi’ar commander’s face. He tells her that she is the one in charge and tells her to listen carefully. He says, “You can’t trap me. You can’t stop me. You can’t kill me. Take that message back to your princess. Tell her… I send my love.”

The Colonel is shouting at Marv and asks him if he has lost his mind. Marv says, “Very possibly, sir.” He says that he had the Shi’ar helpless and didn’t destroy him. Marv says that he hadn’t been ordered to and that he didn’t want to overstep his bounds. The Colonel asks where Marv’s loyalties lie. Marv says that it is to the Kree Imperial Army. The Colonel says that they will test that.

The Colonel and two soldiers take Marv to Saria’s cell. The Colonel says that Marv probably thinks that he sent him off to a trap, but that it was a genuine recon mission. The Colonel says that it was a trap because of Saria. He says that she is a Shi’ar spy and that they caught her transmitting specifics about his mission. The Colonel says that she probably switched her interests to Marv because she was ordered to do so by her superiors. The Colonel says that it is odd that her true allegiance slipped past someone with cosmic awareness. Marv says, “Yes, it is.” The Colonel says that it would make him doubt Marv, but that he has seen him kill too many on the Kree’s behalf. The Colonel says that he is willing to believe that since love makes fools of them all that those cosmically aware simply become cosmic fools. Marv says that is very generous of him. The Colonel says that he would have gotten rid of Marv at the first opportunity, but that the Supremor himself said that Marv’s newfound loyalty should be exploited. The Colonel says that he is testing his loyalty now. He tells Marv to take his weapon and shoot Saria. Marv says, “Shoot her?” Saria tells Marv that he doesn’t have to do this. Marv says that he does. He says that there are consequences to all things and a chain of command. Marv says that is how order is maintained in an insane universe. Marv says, “Point of information, Colonel: Shoot her? Or kill her?” The Colonel says to kill her. He says to use three shots. One in the head and one in each heart. Marv says, “Three shots. Yes sir.” Marv fires and kills the Colonel and both the soldiers with him. Marv says, “This is… unfortunate. Disobeying a direct order is an offense demanding the most severe punishment available. Oh well. Thank God that’s over.” Marv puts his gun in his mouth and fires. Marv’s lifeless body lies on the ground.


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