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From The Ashes Of Defeat!

Last issue saw Captain Marvel defeated by Super Skrull who now takes him back to the Skrull ship for interrogation about his mission on Earth. Meanwhile the timer on Mar-Vell’s cylinder case continues to count down to a nuclear explosion. Super Skrull removes Mar-Vell’s life-giving helmet and straps him into a psycho-probe. The probe extracts Mar-Vell’s thoughts and the Skrull plays them back on a screen. The events of the last few weeks unfold as Super Skrull watches Mar-Vell defeat a Kree Sentry, and wonders why they didn’t team up. While the Skrull’s back is turned Mar-Vell breaks free of his shackles using his Uni-Beam and attacks his captor. Super Skrull falls back into a machine and is electrocuted giving Mar-Vell the chance to regain his helmet and jet away. Super Skrull breaks free and flaming on with the powers of Human Torch gives chase. Mar-Vell thinks The Skrull won’t believe him about the booby trapped cylinder and decides to fly to Earth’s outer atmosphere. Super Skrull gives up chase thinking Mar-Vell will perish in the hostile climate. The Man of Kree then contacts his orbiting star ship but Colonel Yon-Rogg doesn’t respond. Seeing this as an ideal opportunity to rid himself of his rival for Una, the Colonel states they can’t risk exposing themselves to Super Skrull. Nonetheless Mar-Vell manages to track The Helion and get on board, knowing Yon-Rogg’s motives.

Meanwhile Super Skrull decides he can save his mission by obtaining Mar-Vell’s lost cylinder as it may hold information on his mission. Yon-Rogg refuses to let the Captain return to Earth and Mar-Vell claims his right to contact the Kree Imperial Minister to let him decide. The Imperial Minister cares not for saving the few Earthlings in danger but allows Mar-Vell to return to avenge his defeat by Super Skrull. Mar-Vell says there is something he needs to do before he goes back. Elsewhere the antagonist retrieves Mar-Vell’s cylinder, shape-shifts into Walter Lawson and enters The Cape where General Bridges pulls him into a meeting with himself and Carol Danvers. Bridges tells “Lawson” about the recent attacks on The Cape and of a green gargoyle’s defeat of Captain Marvel. Danvers mentions Marvel as a hero and Super Skrull wonders whether becoming a hero on Earth was Mar-Vell’s mission. He then asks to examine the Kree Sentry and leaves. Bridges and Danvers wonder why Lawson needed directions to The Sentry he saw only hours ago.

Mar-Vell jets back to Earth after learning what he needed to. At The Cape, the fake Walter Lawson heads towards the hangar containing The Sentry when he is suddenly picked up in the air by a swooping Captain Marvel. “Lawson” switches back to Super Skrull and flames on again causing Mar-Vell to release him. At the same time The Skrull drops the cylinder and attacks the antihero who uses his Uni-Beam to douse his flames. Super Skrull stretches down to Earth using Mr. Fantastic’s power and slams Mar-Vell down with the strength of The Thing but the Kree’s battle suit absorbs most of the blow. The Skrull then reaches for a solar mirror to attack Mar-Vell with but Mar-Vell taunts him that his powers are insufficient. Hearing this The Skrull decides to use his power of Super-Hypnosis but Mar-Vell instantly blasts the solar mirror Super Skrull was holding so his hypnotic stare reflects back at himself putting him in a deep trance. The trance causes the alien to obey the first voice he hears and having learned this earlier, Mar-Vell orders him to flee to the farthest reaches of space. Mar-Vell then disarms his cylinder and decides to find Jeremy Logan who has learned Walter Lawson is an impostor.

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