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The Hulk Invades the Campus!

Continuing from last issue, The Hulk approaches an unconscious Rick Jones outside one of Bruce Banner’s secret dessert bases. Once determined to smash the youth, Hulk decides he won’t hurt someone so feeble and will wake him up for questioning instead. As the green goliath reaches into a stream for water, his now calm state reverts him back to his alter ego. Bruce Banner wakes up Rick who tells him that he needs the scientists help to figure out how he and Captain Marvel can both exist outside the Negative Zone simultaneously. Bruce and Rick go back to Banner’s lab where Rick gives an update about his adventures since leaving The Hulk. Banner is determined to find a solution to help Rick and tirelessly researches the issue until collapsing through exhaustion. On waking up Bruce decides to seek the aid of his old university professor Josiah Weller. Bruce calls the professor who tells him student protestors have trapped him in his lab and an infuriated Banner transforms to The Hulk. Hulk doesn’t know why but he knows he has to go to Desert State University and smash the protestors. Rick uses the Nega-Bands to summon Captain Marvel but after a brief battle Hulk defeats Mar-Vell and leaps towards the campus.

On arriving at the campus Hulk causes mass panic but is caught by Captain Marvel for round 2. During the fight the Nega-Bands start crackling and much to Mar-Vell’s lament he swaps places with Rick Jones. Hulk is surprised to see his one time ally but tells him to get out of the way so he can get to the protestors. However a courageous Rick Jones is determined to not let Hulk pass and stands his ground, telling Hulk he’ll have to smash Rick as well. After a momentary hesitation, Hulk decides he doesn’t want to hurt Rick and leaves. Mar-Vell’s voice appears from the Negative Zone and congratulates Rick, telling him he did what Mar-Vell couldn’t – he stopped the Hulk. Mar-Vell says they make a good team and Rick states they better because the only one who could free them is trapped inside the body of The Hulk!

Note: In this issue Bruce Banner quotes a poem reciting the lines “Justice, Like Lightning.” This later went on to be the inspiration for The Thunderbolts tag line.

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