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The Hunter And The Holocaust!

Inside a bar in Greenwich Village, Rick Jones performs on stage with his guitar and the teenage girls in the crowd go wild at their new favorite rock star. After his set finishes, Rick is approached by a man who wants to be his agent but Rick blows him off and leaves. Arriving at his run down apartment, Rick wonders if he’ll ever establish his own identity when Mar-Vell’s face appears in a mirror. Captain Marvel asks Rick why he hasn’t called on him or allowed him to leave the Negative Zone via the Nega Bands. Rick says he’s not sure of his own identity anymore and he needs time to find himself. Mar-Vell understands Rick’s issue but reminds him he used to be partners with The Hulk, a helper to The Avengers as well as Captain America’s sidekick. Mar-Vell knows Rick was tired of being a sidekick and wanted to be a hero himself and sharing identities with Captain Marvel was his one chance of finally doing that.

A confused Rick hears a fight outside his apartment and runs out to see some thugs mugging an old man. Rick takes them on himself despite Mar-Vell’s warning and ends up getting a beating himself. Realizing his mistake, Rick uses the Nega Bands to swap places with Captain Marvel who makes short work of the muggers. Knowing Rick can hear him when he speaks out loud, Mar-Vell wants to discuss how they can both exist on Earth at the same time. Rick says if anyone can figure this out it’s his old pal Bruce Banner and gives Mar-Vell the location of one of Banner’s secret desert bases.

On his way to the base, Captain Marvel sees a town that has recently been devastated by a tornado. The hero flies down to help only to see an armed gang of looters called the Rat Pack have arrived and are stealing the medical supplies. Again, Captain Marvel makes short work of his opponents and after helping clear the debris, resumes his journey to find Banner. Inexplicably while still flying, Captain Marvel suddenly loses control and crashes into a stream. From the water emerges Rick Jones who has automatically swapped places with Mar-Vell. The whole event is monitored from his base by Bruce Banner who is surprised to see Rick out in the desert. Banner starts wondering if The Avengers have sent Rick as a trap to lure The Hulk. This angers the scientist enough for him to transform and The Hulk breaks out of the base determined to smash Rick Jones!

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