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Continues to be awesome.

I loved this series first issue and was excited for the next and it didn't disappoint.

The Good

This issue starts off with Carol trying to break Helen Cobb's record and has an interesting conversation with Tracy Burke where she expresses why she Idolises Cobb and what she did and why she has to break her record then we get to the next stage of the Story where (I'm going to say this since the preview pages were put up) she gets sent back in time and is captured by some Japanese soldier and this whole scene is great (if unexplained why she goes back in time but it will probably be explained later) .

Then some women freedom fighters rescue her and we get onto a interesting where she has a conversation with them.

We then end on a good cliffhanger. This issue is fantastic it continues to move the plot forward while building on Carol's character what more can you ask for? The art is great it's just so different and Dynamic it's amazing.

The bad

It's like I mentioned earlier it isn't explained how she got back in time but it should be explained in later issues.

5 stars


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