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And a Child Shall Lead You!

Mar-Vell is trapped in the Negative Zone and told by The Supreme Intelligence this is what his quest for vengeance against Yon-Rogg has led to. However the Kree ruler also points Mar-Vell towards a potential escape by directing his mind towards Rick Jones on Earth. Rick is wondering alone after leaving The Avengers and Captain America, when he is attracted to a hidden Kree station by an image of Captain America. Rick follows the apparition only to discover the Nega-Bands. Mar-Vell's image appears in Rick's mind and the youth is told of the Captain's plight and how the bands will allow the two to swap atoms, thus places, for a limited time. Seeing the opportunity to become a superhero, Rick agrees to help Captain Marvel.

At the same time Yon-Rogg arrives at the base hoping to acquire the Nega-Bands himself. Rick and Mar-Vell swap places and the Man of Kree instantly attacks his enemy. However the villain escapes leaving Mar-Vell a bomb disguised within an image of Carol Danvers. Mar-Vell is unhurt by the explosion and he and Rick agree to work together from now on.

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