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The moment we have all been waiting for -- Captain Marvel vs. Deathbird! Will Captain Marvel practice control and refrain from flying or will she cause even more problems for her future?

The Good

With each issue, more-and-more I'm starting to like Captain Marvel. The writers behind this series, Kelly Sue DeConnick and Christopher Sebela, have made CM an ideal hero while adding conflict in her life that allows her to grow as a character. With flying proving detrimental on her health, this has allowed the writers to show [readers] what Captain Marvel is really made of and how she really relies on that sole power.

Two elements in the writing made this issue perfect! One, the uninterrupted transition from Captain Marvel vs. Deathbird and the talk about Captain Marvel's health. The writers did an outstanding job with this part because neither side of the story seemed forced or took away from the goal at the end of this issue -- which was to prove that Captain Marvel shouldn't fly! If one part of the story wasn't given (either the fight or the health information) the story would be lopsided. However, DeConnick and Sebela had both parts of the puzzle in this issue and it created a masterpiece. The last element that made this issue perfect was having Captain Marvel fly, even under good protest. Captain Marvel having flown in issue 10 was great! It showed that she believes more in her own ability even though others say something else that will keep her alive. So her flying again really showed that she can't refrain from doing something she loves. Which I believe is excellent character development when a character refuses to change for the better. It'll be interesting to see how that backfires on her in the issues to come.

One of the greatest angles of this series! Right before the *POW*

Lets talk about the artwork! Artist Filipe Andrade's art is never gets old. His artwork in this issue made every super powered punch feel like the reader was there themselves. Maybe it's the way he draws the Captain Marvel and Deathbird at certain points in this comic, but when he gets in the right angle -then pow- it makes the reader feel like that really hurt. The colors by Jordie Bellaire helps achieve the greatest fight in this series. The two work really well together.

The Bad

To be honest, I could not find one thing wrong with this issue. This is the best Captain Marvel issue I've read!

The Verdict

Nothing good can come from this conversation.

After recovering from issue 11's strengths and weaknesses, Kelly Sue DeConnick and company are diving head first into Captain Marvel's flight problem and the mastermind behind Deathbird. I am waiting in suspense to find out what news the good doctors have to give to Captain Marvel. Also, how Captain Marvel's one choice to fly will ruin her life in the near future. The writers did an outstanding job with the fight between Captain Marvel and Deathbird and made the talk between the doctors work. The switch between CM vs. DB and the doctors was not forced and neither deviated from story with adding unimportant story elements and taking away from the issue. I feel like the two parts of the story (the fight and the doctors) helped create a better one by giving information that revolves around CM and seeing how she reacts to not being able to fly during the fight. The art team did a fantastic job [as always] because they bring life to the words, and thoughts, of the writers. Overall 5 out of 5.

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