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The Moment of the Manslayer

The issue begins with Mar-Vell receiving an insurmountable amount of new powers from the being named ZO. In exchange for his new abilities, Mar-Vell has agreed to serve ZO once he has gained his revenge on Yon-Rogg. Mar-Vell streaks through space to track down the starship Helion on which Yon-Rogg is based. However he first takes a detour to the asteroid where he had buried his love Una. After paying his respects, the Man of Kree plans on how best to make Yon-Rogg suffer for his crimes, rather than giving him a swift death. At the same time, Yon-Rogg wakes up screaming as he feels Captain Mar-Vell staring at him, but the Colonel convinces himself that his foe is surely dead and he was merely having a nightmare.

Mar-Vell uses his new teleportation ability to head back to his hotel room in Florida, however miscalculates the location and ends up in a Communist Latin American country. Before he is captured by soldiers, Mar-Vell once again teleports and this time reaches the hotel. A newspaper inside his room shows Mar-Vell his Earth identity, Dr. Walter Lawson, has been reported AWOL from duty at The Cape military base. Meantime General Bridges informs The Cape’s Head of Security, Carol Danvers, that Captain Marvel is to be shot on site and gives her permission to arrest Dr. Lawson. Elsewhere in a Caribbean military base, Black Widow is on a mission on orders from Nick Fury. Within the base a figure sits in a control room watching as his android creation, The Manslayer, approaches The Cape.

Walter Lawson arrives at The Cape and is immediately arrested when suddenly The Manslyer strikes. Whilst the soldiers are distracted, Lawson creates the illusion of a protest group and disappears in the confusion to change into Captain Marvel. Meantime Black Widow attempts to capture the man at the controls but is captured herself by more Manslayers. The android at The Cape is ordered to destroy a new rocket when Captain Marvel strikes. A battle ensues and The Manslayer eventually defeats Captain Marvel – even with his new found powers. While the android is about to strike his final blow, he suddenly freezes up as Black Widow had managed to destroy his energy source at the Caribbean base, getting knocked unconscious with nerve gas soon after. Mar-Vell then changes back to Lawson and tries to escape but is arrested by a soldier.

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