darkwolverineusmc's Captain Marvel #11 - Together Again For The First Time! review

In the heart of forever, the son and the father!

   Thank you Marvel studios. After following Genis-Vell through his first scirmishes as the new Cpt. Marvel, he finally meets the best, his father, Mar-vell. Being the Mar-Vell fan I am, I was thrilled to find this issue. Featuring both Cpt. Marvels literally blew my mind, also making it one of my favorites.  
   Following an event that left a whole in space and time, Genis decides to fly through it in hopes to get to the bottom of it. Once through, he looses his telekinetic bond to Rick Jones. Yet, upon arrival to the new universe, he meets none other than his father, Mar-Vell. Thinking it to be one of Thanos' tricks, a fight between the two then insues. Blows are tossed back and forth until Genis finally convinces Mar-Vell that he is his son from an alternate reality. After they talk, Genis discovers that this version of his father too has cancer. After Thanos, actually a purple Adam Magus reveals himself after being stabbed by Excaliber, the two reconcile, and Mar-Vell tells his son that no matter what, he is proud of him. Genis then returns to his regular universe as the rift closes, enjoying a new lease on life. While back in the other universe, on his death bed, Mar-Vell against all odds is proud to know in some reality, there exist a righteous Captain Marvel! 
   Great read. Peter David worked up a great story. Reuniting both Marvels in this one issue, spectacular! And the Cover is amazing, that's what made me pick up the issue! 3.5 in my book, a little above average. It was a great story, once in a life time sort of deal. So go read it, and enjoy. Also, as always, nice readings!


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