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A Kree firing squad is taking aim for the execution of Captain Mar-Vell when a sudden blast from above kills the would-be executioners. It is an Aakon crew looking for Mar-Vell to avenge the death of their commander at his hands. Ironically Mar-Vell is saved by his enemies from death at the hands of his own people. He then snatches the guns of the deceased Kree soldiers and retaliates against his inadvertent saviours. From the space ship Helion, Yon-Rogg decides he must send a crew to battle the Aakon for their attack even if it means saving Mar-Vell in the process. The Kree warriors arrive almost and a raging battle ensues. During the fight Una, who had arrived earlier to warn Mar-Vell, is hit by a stray shot. Realising his beloved has been shot Mar-Vell runs to her rescue and the despicable Yon-Rogg tries to attack him from behind. Mar-Vell turns his fury on the Colonel, who he blames for hurting Una. Using his U-Beam Mar-Vell knocks Yon-Rogg’s weapon away so they can fight hand to hand. Mar-Vell gains the upper hand and begins to pummel his enemy when he hears Una stirring.

Rushing to Una’s rescue, Mar-Vell flies away carrying the wounded Medic in his arms. Realising they won’t be safe on either Earth or their home planet, Mar-Vell hijacks a rocket from The Cape military base and flies into space and Carol Danvers can’t believe the hero has committed such a crime. As the rocket drifts in space, Una’s life slowly ebbs away and she passes. The heart broken Mar-Vell creates a shrine for her on an uncharted asteroid near Mars. He then re-enters the rocket and flies away. All along Mar-Vell was being watched by Yon-Rogg who captures his rocket with a magnetic beam. Mar-Vell’s rocket is then spun around faster than the speed of light and suddenly released to wander endlessly through space. The Earth rocket’s instruments are too weak to overcome the force with which it now flies and Mar-Vell is helplessly trapped within. With adequate supplies in the rocket to last many months, Mar-Vell is being driven mad by his seclusion and eternal voyage. He begins to see apparitions of Una, his parents and then evil creatures who warn him not to enter the forbidden belt of space. Mar-Vell then feels his rocket being pulled by a small planet’s gravity. The rocket enters the planet’s atmosphere and begins to disintegrate but a beam of light captures it and gently eases it to safety.

A half mad and half starved Mar-Vell wearily exits the ship and wanders around a land of mist. Deciding he has no reason to go on the man of Kree drops to the floor and succumbs to unconsciousness. When Mar-Vell awakes he is fully healed and greeted by a bevy of beautiful nurses. One of whom tells him to follow her to meet his rescuer. Mar-Vell follows the woman until she disappears in front of gigantic doors that open by themselves to reveal a towering structure. The structure speaks and calls itself Zo. Mar-Vell is then told Zo has planned everything that has happened to him from the beginning and a disbelieving Mar-Vell realises his only reason for existence is revenge on Yon-Rogg. Zo then bathes Mar-Vell in blinding light and searing heat, thus giving him new powers - the strength of an immortal, the ability to fly unaided through space, teleport and cast illusions. Zo tells him after gaining revenge, Mar-Vell must do his bidding and a vengeance craved Captain Marvel agrees to the pact.

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