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Captain Marvel


I’m pretty unfamiliar with Captain Marvel, outside of various event comics, I’ve not really been that exposed to her. But in an effort to get out of my comfort zone when it comes to comics, I’ve started to pick up books otherwise wouldn’t. With “All New Marvel Now” it’s an excellent time to jump on to some series that I otherwise wouldn’t, and I was drawn to this book because of the front cover.

I liked this book over all. The mystery of Tic and who she is, and why she came to Earth is compelling. The opening, of Captain Marvel on an alien world, shows that there’s certainly going to be a lot of adventure in store for our mighty hero. The build up to her choice to head off into space is pretty well executed and I liked the banter with Rhodey, especially how he freely accepted her choices despite being against the idea.

One of the more interesting parts of this book was the relationship that Carol has with Kit. Kit’s a small girl who, lives with carol in the Statue of Liberty’s head. I don’t know her back story or if she’ll play a big role in the story. But having such a young character around who so clearly worships Carol, felt really classic comics to me. That combined with the fantastic living arrangements. Can you get more golden age than a super hero living in the Statue of Liberty

With there being such an emphasis on grand events in comics these days I always like to see A-list heroes dealing with street crime. It speaks volumes to me about the nature of these people, that despite their mighty power they’re more than happy to “slum it “to help the normal man on the street. It’s also a great moment where DeConnick channels some Robert Downey Jr Iron man when he teases Carol about Rhodey. Dave Lopis draws such an irritatingly smug grin that you can’t help but laugh.

All of this combined with a good dose of humour, if you like Star Wars references then this book is going to be for you.


It wasn’t a huge deal for me, and certainly wasn’t a deal breaker, but is anyone else sick of comics being told i a non linear fashion. I get that it’s a useful literary device to show where the book is heading and that it’s an old trope but we seem t be seeing an awful lot of it.


DeConnick has written an intriguing beginning to a new chapter in Captain Marvels life, one which I’m sure will be exciting and offer a lot of adventure along the way. I’ll certainly be reading and this book convinced me to go back and check out some the older Captain Marvel stuff.


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