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Captain Falcon in F-Zero

Captain Falcon was created by Takaya Imamura. He was designed in mind to be the mascot for Nintendo's new series F-Zero which debuted in 1990. Little is known of Captain Falcon's past, other than he hails from the futuristic city of Port Town, nothing else can be confirmed. Rumors have it that he was once a intergalactic police officer with fellow rival Samurai Goroh before both turned to the life of bounty hunting. Other rumors tell of dark origins. Whatever the case maybe, Captain Falcon is skilled at winning prize money in the F-Zero circuits, & collecting bounties on criminals. The exact number of criminals he's brought in is unknown but the number is rumored to be astronomical.

He has survived many a battle against evil beings from across the dark corners of the universe. His mind and body honed from these experiences, and he overcomes any challenge thrown his way, showing no fear as he leaves his enemies bewildered.


The F-Zero series debuted on the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom system with the first game simply titled F-Zero. While this is Captain Falcon's first technical appearance, only his ship showed up in the game. Captain Falcon himself, showed up in the short comic book that came with the game and was hand drawn by Takaya Imamura himself. The plot of the comic was fairly simple, telling of his bounty hunting missions before joining the opening of the F-Zero Grand Prix in Mute City. This will be the only time Falcon will show off his skills as a bounty hunter, until many years later.

F-Zero X

Captain Falcon in F-Zero X

Captain Falcon's next appearance was in the F-Zero X game released for the Nintendo 64 home console. Aside from appearing after the Grand Prix was said and done, Captain Falcon makes minimum appearances in this game. However since X was also a light reboot/sequel of sorts compared to the original game. few elements and such were changed but despite that fact, it's still considered the next step in the main Time Line/Continuity of the F-Zero Series.

The game takes place roughly 10 years after the F-Zero races were disbanded due to a large and terrible accident on the F-Zero tracks, forcing the Galactic Federation to shut down the deadly grand prix. It wasn't until a group of powerful and wealthy merchants were able to band together, and reform the F-Zero Grand Prix, with new rules and safety concerns answered.

F-Zero GX/AX

Captain Falcon in F-Zero GX/AX

Once again, slightly rebooting the F-Zero Universe and remaining a sequel to F-Zero/F-Zero X, Captain Falcon returns to the Gamecube & Arcade game GX & AX and unlike past titles in the series, Captain Falcon and the F-Zero characters in general are given more screen time thanks to the story mode and pilots interviews done by Mr. Zero. Given a voice actor for the first time in the F-Zero games, Captain Falcon and the F-Zero Universe was seemingly coming to life finally.

In the Story Mode to this game. It takes place one year after F-Zero X, Captain Falcon is the reigning F-Zero champion since he won the title in the F-Zero X grand prix. making him the Targets of Samurai Goroh, and Old rival of his. Michael Chain, leader of the intergalactic gang called the Bloody Chain. Black Shadow, the Emperor of Evil and leader of his oown galactic criminal empire. And finally the mysterious Deathborn who seeks to harness the powers of darkness and light to destroy all of creation. These two game are currently the last main entries int he canon timeline of F-Zero.

Alternate Time Lines

Maximum Velocity

The first game in the series to be released onto the GBA, Maximum Velocity is considered an Alt. timeline due to the fact it takes place 25 years into the future, and the fact the Grand Accident never happened and the rules of the F-Zero X Grand Prix are seemingly ignored. By this time Captain Falcon has retired from active competition and bounty hunting. However a new pilot claims to be his son.

GP Legend & Climax

Captain Falcon in F-Zero GP Legends

The two other GBA titles in the F-Zero series are also considered to be Alt. Timelines since they draw most of their inspiration from the Anime TV show of F-Zero, yet seemingly follow their own story. For example, Captain Falcon ends up dying in the finale to the anime series, however in Climax he lives on through his Ber Ser Kerr identity he used to infiltrate Dark Million, which is run by his most deadly adversary Black Shadow. And like in the anime, He is the brother of Jody Summer.

F-Zero: Legend of Falcon/ F-Zero GP Legend Anime

In the 2003 anime series, Captain Falcon is like how he is in the games. The most famous F-Zero Pilot and Bounty Hunter int he Milky Way Galaxy who's past and any information about him are unknown, even to his closest allies. It was later on revealed to be that he was in fact the thought to be dead brother of the Elite Mobile Task Force's Leader Jody Summer. Who she thought died trying to protect her from being killed by a rocket launcher shot at her by the criminal Zoda. When it is thought he died while being sent into a black hole created by his evil doppelganger Blood Falcon, he in fact donned the identity of Ber Ser Ker to infiltrate the Dark Million organization run by his arch-nemesis Black Shadow. While the story focused mostly of the character

Ryu Suzaku/Rick Wheeler, Captain Falcon is shown to have been training him for the upcoming fight against dark million & Black Shadow. it was also revealed to Ryu/Rick that Captain Falcon & Black Shadow the the Embodiments of Good & Evilof the universe constantly at war with each other, and that he was the hero who could save the universe. During the final battle with Black Shadow, Falcon sacrificed himself to stop Black Shadow from escaping the dark Reactor, a weapon to create a big crunch effect on the universe, that was detonated prematurely by Ryu/Rick. In his final moments, Captain Falcon passed his title to his student and died with Black Shadow in a grand scale explosion.

Non-canon Appearances

The following appearances of Captain Falcon are considered non-canon since his personality and such differ from his established in the main F-Zero games and are not part of the Alt. time lines of F-Zero.

Super Smash Brothers

Super Smash Bros

The fighting game released on the Nintendo 64, Captain Falcon makes an appearance here as a hidden character, using a fighting style greatly different from his shown in the F-Zero comic for the original game. His personality is also quite different in that he's loud and boastful. He also poses like a Sentai Super Hero when he wins a fight.

Super Smash Brothers Melee

The sequel to Super Smash Bros on the Nintendo Gamecube, Captain Falcon returns to the Smash Bros series though this time starting off as a selectable character right off the bat. He continues the same persona he has in the original Smash Bros.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl

The sequel to Super Smash Brothers Melee on the Nintendo Wii, Captain Falcon returns once more as a hidden character. His persona once more is the same as in the previous two games. he has a supporting role in the Subspace Emissary Story mode where he teams up with Captain Olimar at first from the Pikmin series and the other Smash Characters when they invade the Subspace realm. He is one of the few characters to have a speaking role in the SSE mode as well.

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