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544538 N00beditor3 Character Overview 10/07/14 08:55PM 4 Approved
544431 N00beditor3 Character Overview 10/07/14 02:24PM 1 Approved
544430 N00beditor3 Character Overview 10/07/14 02:20PM 12 Approved
535430 N00beditor3 Character Overview 09/24/14 10:50AM 39 Approved
513326 timelord Character Overview Added a current events section 08/22/14 08:47PM 31 Approved
499021 Jphu8414 Character Overview Added some more details on the character Forever Evil. 08/04/14 05:50PM 73 Approved
443375 VanderSEXXX Character Overview He was killed together with Barry Allen in the future by Brother Eye's sentries during their last stand. 05/26/14 07:51PM 5 Approved
365627 TheTrueBarryAllen Character Overview 02/12/14 04:31PM 16 Approved
345524 mcgregorp Character Overview 01/22/14 08:47PM 6 Approved
345170 mcgregorp Character Overview 01/22/14 05:08PM 39 Approved
339171 Exile-616 Character Overview 01/17/14 06:09AM 18 Approved
316792 MartianManhunterIsBetterThanCyborg Character Overview 12/27/13 07:13PM 64 Approved
311691 TheTrueBarryAllen Character Overview Updated his powers & abilities 12/23/13 10:49AM 210 Approved
269687 Exile-616 Character Overview 11/06/13 04:44AM 9 Approved
247625 Exile-616 Character Overview 10/16/13 06:58AM 17 Approved
233993 MisterAnderson Character Overview Grammatical and mechanical revisions. 10/01/13 01:11PM 10 Approved
17477 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Trying to make the Captain Cold page a bit more nicer looking. 04/11/13 08:55PM 1 Approved
16754 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview To give information on video games Captain Cold has appeared in. 04/11/13 10:58AM 63 Approved
16313 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Give personal details of Captain Cold according to the DC Encyclopedia's info on him. 04/10/13 08:52PM 16 Approved
11907 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Some body listed Geoff Johns as the creator of Captain Cold which is untrue. 04/05/13 09:24PM 7 Approved

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