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Clavius asked Garrisons to help find Gully and Aramus. Clavius has always asked Garrison to help him with the war but Garrison always say's no. All Clavius see is Garrison being Drunk. Later on Garrison accepts Clavius Challenge. As Clavius was the leader of King Vaneers Army. Garrison agreed to help and became the War's battlefield advisor and suggestor. They later on revealed that Clavius was an imposter. The Borrower then brought the real Clavius. Garrison now has to choose which lives, Clavius or Gully. Garrison, The Great Swordfighter then attacked the Borrower. Leaving enough time to stall for Gully and Clavius, they were able to break there chains and defeat The Borrower, Nefar and his Lycans. Garrison then left to wonder the world, While Clavius supported King Vaneer's Army.

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