Captain Canuck Fans (cuz there are soo many of you... NOT)

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Whats up Canuck Fans and Non Canuck Fans!
Alright, so for all of you that cannot wait to see Captain Canuck in live action movie get ready, cause you`ll have to wait a little bit longer but there is some good news. 
Richard Comely creator of Captain Canuckwas on the phone with The LA Times saying he is "close to striking a deal with a Canadian production company to make a $15-million live-action version of the comic." he also stated "I wanted him to be as real as possible... He’s polite, by the way. Just a little bit gentler."
I myself am a Captain Canuckfan but I think this movie will suck but hopefully I am wrong and it has a well written story but I doubt it. Honestly can you even name 3 great 
Canadian movies
thats have ever came to pass, probably not.
I am not saying that the budget is to small, cause if you look at the movie Kick-Ass it had a budget of about $28-million and it did really well, and it also had an awesome story line.

On a side note for all of you wondering about the Captain America movie. Its budget is an estimated  $140-million!
So I am curious about what your opinions are so leave your comments below!
- Kid Supreme

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This is interesting, I wonder if we will ever actually see it

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I think if it is made it will be lost to the sands of film festivals... Hopeless low budget movies that are all generally junk except for that one that is amazing and becomes a blockbuster. Hopefully Captain Canuck is that movie but I doubt it will be, even if it's not though I want to see it!!!  
Thanks for the info

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@Sky_Jokiel: Well i hope your right... Thanks for the comment
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it would cool if Dc Comics worked Comely Comics and created a DC Canada in the New52 Universe based on Captain Canuck.

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@AskaniSon295: Thats an awesome idea, maybe u should tell dc or richard comely

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