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Chauncy, Playback, Shudderbug, agents of the National Security Council, were captured by the Forsaken in the Terminus of Coney Island. Captain Brooklyn arrived to save them, flattening Horny Toad in the process.

Brooklyn confronted the Forsaken, easily overpowering the group, but Judge Mental then ordered Seraph to get rid of him. Expecting a fair fight, Brooklyn was unprepared when Seraph pulled his cape over his had and skewered him with his scythe. Unable to believe his steel-hard skin had been so easily penetrated, Brooklyn did not respond in time to stop Seraph from sticking grenade down his throat. His steel hard skin withstood the explosion, but his insides were pulped. Angie Tensen later briefly communicated with Brooklyn's corpse, learning what she and Justice could expect within the Terminus.

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