Why did they change his costume back?

#1 Posted by scuzz2.0 (273 posts) - - Show Bio

His costume in MI:13 was great so why did they put him back in the dated design he wears in Secret Avengers? I think it was probably Remender's fault because he seems to have done the same to Havok in Uncanny Avengers. Plus sleeveless Thor, which now looks ridiculous compared to Coipel's excellent redesign for JMS's run.

Does anyone agree/disagree?

#2 Posted by jack16ichigo (479 posts) - - Show Bio

I completely agree,he finally got a couple of decent costumes(the last two) then they go back to probably one of his worst..........

#3 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (35128 posts) - - Show Bio

IKR his MI13 costume was perfect, he doesn't need a mask

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