Gerard Butler As Captain Britain?

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Posted by G-Man (38674 posts) - - Show Bio
A Captain Britain movie?  Actually, it wouldn't be a bad idea.  I became a fan of Captain Britain in the 80s after reading a trade of the Alan Davis stories.  This was also the time that Chris Claremont and Davis started up Excalibur with Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and Rachel Summers.  Over the years, the portrayals of Captain Britain have been hit or miss.  With the recent (and unfortunately canceled) Captain Britain And MI:13, it seemed as if he was on his way back up.
It's been reported that Gerard Butler might be up for the role of Captain Britain in a movie adaption.  I'll admit this is the first I'm hearing of a Captain Britain movie and I'm not sure about the source but I like the idea.  According to a "Hollywood Insider,"

This would be a different angle on the usual superhero movies and not just because it is set outside of the US. It will be darker and grittier than movies like Spider-Man and Iron Man — kind of like Marvel’s answer to The Dark Knight.

I don't usually think of Captain Britain being dark but you could say there have been some 'dark' times in his life.  His parents were killed, his older brother is insane and Psylocke has had her share of bad luck as well.  The question would be, do people want a Captain Britain movie?  It would be a nice change to have a 'superhero' movie set outside the U.S.  What about Gerard Butler?  People liked him in 300.  Would he make a good Captain Britain?  I would be curious to see how closely they stick to his origin.  Would they change things to make him 'darker"? 
#1 Posted by Riezner (443 posts) - - Show Bio

Now here's a fresh idea. I like it. I can definitely see Butler in the role.

#2 Posted by Emperor Gonzo Noir (19147 posts) - - Show Bio

If he can do a british accent why not?
#3 Posted by sellarsji (11 posts) - - Show Bio

If this happens, I demand that Jason Statham play Union Jack! Cap America movie, Cap Britain/MI 13 movie or otherwise!
#4 Posted by LastSon1027 (518 posts) - - Show Bio

I can see the board meeting now..... 
So we have this character who runs around in a giant British Flag can is a icon to his country, you know I think we could make this a Dark film. WTF?!?!

#5 Posted by csimon (2207 posts) - - Show Bio

I like IT!

#6 Posted by Secret Identity (237 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love a cap B film. That'd be awsome. However i'm not sure i like the idea of it being "dark". As a Cap B fan i never saw him as Dark. What i'd love to see is Cornell play a part in the production of this film. Is run of Cap B and MI13 was fantastic.

#7 Posted by Moomin123 (2252 posts) - - Show Bio

I think that the Captain Britain will be quite interesting to see. It's not everyday that a British superhero gets a chance to be on the big screen.
#8 Posted by RaptorFratBoy (550 posts) - - Show Bio

HELL YES. If this is just a wild rumor, castrate and hang whomever started it, because it's an awesome idea!

#9 Posted by Bruce Vain (1833 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice I definitely would want to see this happen.
#10 Posted by Darkchild (41850 posts) - - Show Bio

Hell yeah

Captain Brit needs some freaking rep cause hes a badass always has been, and he keeps getting the short end on everything. Every recent series has been cancelled even though it rocked.

So lets hope this works out.

and Definatly want Gerald

#11 Posted by The Englander (1188 posts) - - Show Bio
@sellarsji said:
" If this happens, I demand that Jason Statham play Union Jack! Cap America movie, Cap Britain/MI 13 movie or otherwise! "
I think Gerald Butler could be a good Cap, and I'd love to see an MI-13 movie! If they're going to include Union Jack, I'd like to see Ralph Fiennes playing him
#12 Posted by mattydeNero (535 posts) - - Show Bio

I hope this isn't just a rumor or an idea.  This would be a great movie to fast-track.  And you'd HAVE to throw Psylocke in there!
#13 Posted by Kid_Zombie (823 posts) - - Show Bio

Is this under marvel studios or fox? Cap britan is a mutant which means he would fall under Fox studios, no? I wonder if they found a way around that if they did, give me an ALPHA FLIGHT MOVIE! Ya canada! ha ha
I think Cap britain could be dark, he fights vampires and dracula, thats pretty dark. Oh and Jason Statham as Union jack? great casting!!

#14 Posted by Breaker envoy of Setron (1275 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice I kind of like that character's suit, although I don't know much about him

#15 Posted by Green ankh (1077 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love to see it !!
#16 Posted by HaloKing343 (1355 posts) - - Show Bio

Eh'. I'm not for a solo movie.

#17 Posted by xerox_kitty (17338 posts) - - Show Bio

Just no.

#18 Posted by The_Martian (37399 posts) - - Show Bio

A Captain Britain movie never even crossed my mind until now.

#19 Posted by the creator (8538 posts) - - Show Bio

A Capt Britain movie would be great, especially if I got write it :-) 
It would not however be 'dark' like Batman. 
Gerald (and yes he can do an english accent). 
#20 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio

Brians blonde?

#21 Posted by Adam Michaels (483 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm all for any Marvel film. But I do hope Marvel Studios owns the film rights to this character.  
I've wondered though, because I'm not too familiar with this character. His twin sister is a mutant and he's not? He got his power from some mystical amulet while his sister Psylocke is a mutant possessing telepathic and telekinetic powers, among others. Am I right? I'm not too sure how that works if someone can explain to me. 
And it also seems Captain Marvel is connected to the X-Men universe more than anything else. At least he has over the years with his time in Excalibur and his sister a mutant. Does this mean Fox owns the film rights to this character?  
Is there anyone with any source here that can tell us?
#22 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio
@Adam Michaels: just because he's x connected doesnt mean he is he's never been an x-team member before, he's always had excalibur instead.
#23 Posted by Adam Michaels (483 posts) - - Show Bio

Right... but just that he's in the X-Men universe through Excallibur, could it be that Fox owns the rights? It could be possible that they leased the rights to everything X-Men related for films.  
I personally hope it's Marvel who owns this character though.
#24 Posted by geraldthesloth (32689 posts) - - Show Bio
@Adam Michaels said:
" Right... but just that he's in the X-Men universe through Excallibur, could it be that Fox owns the rights? It could be possible that they leased the rights to everything X-Men related for films.   I personally hope it's Marvel who owns this character though. "
I think marvel should own him since he's never been featured in one of there films
#25 Posted by Decept-O (7683 posts) - - Show Bio

The internet and rumors and pure speculation, gotta love it. 
#26 Posted by Nova`Prime` (4172 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm all for a Cap Britain movie, he's always been an interesting character to me, along with Union Jack. I think he deserves it and Gerard Butler is an excellent actor.

#27 Posted by jefprice (882 posts) - - Show Bio

 Gerard Butler in an X related film?! Heck yeah! This guy is great.  

#28 Posted by Namor1987 (2096 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah but the question I'm thinking is whether this could mean we'll see MI:13 or Excalibur or both
#29 Posted by Meteorite (3479 posts) - - Show Bio

I like Captain Britain and would really like to see a movie.

#30 Posted by SuperXAsh (560 posts) - - Show Bio

Hopefully they'll play with the idea of the multiverse and whatnot. Wonder if Slaymaster or Jaspers will be in it.
#31 Posted by G-Man (38674 posts) - - Show Bio
@Breaker envoy of Setron said:
" Nice I kind of like that character's suit, although I don't know much about him "
He's had a few variations.  I liked that image more than his original one:

#32 Posted by pixelized (49086 posts) - - Show Bio

What's a Captain Britain movie without Psylocke?

#33 Posted by Yellowstar10 (1 posts) - - Show Bio

eh.  idk.  if you had a capt britain movie (under Fox of course) then u'd have to somehow tie him into the x-men universe.  i wish ratner left out betsy in the 3rd x-men, but i digress.   
i think i'd rather see gerard butler in the deadpool movie as black tom cassidy!
#34 Edited by Secret Identity (237 posts) - - Show Bio

Captain Britain isn't a Mutant although his brother and sister are. He has spent alot of time being assosiated with the Xmen through his sister/brother/Jaspers/Xcalibur but he never started with any relation to them. His early years he was totaly self sustaining and had more to do with Spiderman. Captain america and the Black Knight than any Xmen. I wasn't until later that he became involved with the Xmen and in recent times he's had nothing to do with them again. Instead working with MI13. I'd love to see a film in which his origins are explored and hopfully has nothing to do with the X-men U.  I would personaly expect Marvel to have the rights because A, he's not a mutanr and B, he hasn't appeared in any film previously.
(If you want to know more about Cap B go to his discription on this site and you should find all the info about him you need)

#35 Posted by welshguy79 (30 posts) - - Show Bio

Alan Moore's run on Captain Britain was pretty damn dark. I haven't read the early stories but I'm guessing they're quite campy (this right, feel free to say otherwise). In Moore's run you had the Fury killing superheroes, people dying all over the place and some harrowing scenes of reality falling apart. If they make the movie more like this era in Cap's life, all the better

#36 Posted by King Saturn (217992 posts) - - Show Bio
This Could Really Work Here...
#37 Posted by ree-fullface-cap_nine (68 posts) - - Show Bio

i would like to see him as cap or herk but if he did this i think i would be good?
#38 Posted by Aronmorales (9721 posts) - - Show Bio

How many European hero movies are there?
Definitely for this.

#39 Posted by panda21595 (62 posts) - - Show Bio

Well,  I don't mind the accent but:
A: Would he consider to wear a mask for the most part
B: Would they make him blond and without the beard 
C: Would his family (Betsy and Jaime) be in it
D: Would they make Betsy/members of Excalibur have a tie-in movie(s)
I think it's a good idea it gives you a sense of the world (which Black panther with show you too) and Captain Britain has his own book (i think?) so people are interested in him.

#40 Posted by Morpheus_ (29909 posts) - - Show Bio
Well, as I always say...Better no Cap Britain film, than a bad Cap Britain film. That being said, there are many things to consider, and many questions to be answered. Is the film announced for pre-production? Has there been any search for a writer, or a director? If yes, which story lines do they favour? All these seem far more crucial to my mind than simply jumping miles ahead of the proper order and searching for a protagonist.
#41 Posted by joshmightbe (25858 posts) - - Show Bio
captain britain is not a mutant
#42 Posted by Lifeguard85 (453 posts) - - Show Bio

Id love this! Id hope they put in a british psylocke too, at least for a cameo!

#43 Posted by Constantine (16128 posts) - - Show Bio

hmm well I like Gerard, he could be good :D

#44 Posted by defunkt (65 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd love a Captain Britain movie. I'm still heartbroken over the recent cancelation. That series was so good and they hardly had time to finish the arc!

#45 Posted by bigmoneyb (178 posts) - - Show Bio

no lol captain britain lmao  nooooo he's not captain america lol  this movie would put up no money at all finacial it makes no since 2 even try it

#46 Posted by Dimsey (13 posts) - - Show Bio

I'd watch it.

#47 Posted by Inthedark (81 posts) - - Show Bio

   I'd see it

Plus there are all the tie in movies that could come out of it.

Lady Jacqueline/spitfire or the invaders
The captain America movie could be an intro if set during WW2
Doc Strange (all the magic connected to captain Britain)

#48 Posted by Kyle C (96 posts) - - Show Bio
#49 Posted by Nowhere Man. (40 posts) - - Show Bio

@Kyle C said:

#50 Posted by 04nbod (191 posts) - - Show Bio

Great casting choice but again putting a nationality in the title is never a good idea. I think that is what made Paul Cornell's series fail, sadly the american direct market isn't interested in British super-heroes. The only brit that has lasted has been constantine and only because he's a vertigo title these days

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