Dead Again? SPOILERS

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   So, Brian falls for a clear trap, charging into one of Plotuk's rooms full of heart's delights to try and rescue Meggan. It appeared that he had actually managed to perform his daring rescue, but somehow forgot about the mission at hand (an obvious charm if you ask me.) He and Meggan end up in a small country pub, when who barges down the door looking for a fight? Enigo Montoya! Wait, never mind, that's Brian's brother Jamie. Nice Pink Floyd T-shirt guy. Anyway, Meggan tries to subdue the elder Braddock, but can't, and Jamie apparentlly ends Brian's life. Which brings me to my point.

   How many times are they planning to kill Captain Britain in this series? Maybe they figured since in the character's origin story he died that they should go for some kind of record? If issue #7 of 'Captain Britain and MI:13' does infact end with the demise of C.B., then that's twice in in just seven issues! The only other character I can think of off of the top of my head with a similar power is Mr. I. Are the writers of CB&MI13 trying to ruin the meaning of death for everybody? Will Death herself eventually show up pissed that Brian keeps managing to wriggle his way out of her clutches?


at birth?

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That's kind of funny. Maybe he took over Dazzlers resurrection power? She died several times in New Excalibur.
Sidenote: it would be fun to see a world where Mr. I is Captain Britain instead of Brian.

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That would be a riot!

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I think Brain win longest he has a big nemesis who knows not when to stop killing the ever-lasting-reviving-hero and this coming from a guy that likes Captain Britain

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