Captain Britain Collected Editions?

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The above link is to two HC collections of early Captain Britain stories, does anyone know if these particular collections will continue to be made?

I had a great many CB comics years ago but lousy circumstances took them from and this is the first good collection of them I've seen. Did these only come out recently and are still coming?

On the same note, does anyone recommend the Omnibus?

Much obliged.

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Sounds cool. Being English myself I may look into it.

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Good to know there's lots of Captain Britain fans out there. Doesn't really answer my question though. . .

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There won't be any more collections, but only because between these two and the Omnibus all of Captain Britain's early UK stories have been collected. And yes, I'd recommend the Omnibus, though you might have trouble finding it at a reasonable price now, as I believe it's gone out of print.

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they have done four volume of captain Britain of all his early work.

From day one to before joining Excalibur.

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Just got the Omnibus and what it lacks is the content in the HC collections that you are curious about. Now im waiting on me next pay check to get those Claremont issues now.

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