British People

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I'm not sure what to say exactly, but I liked this. For some reason the cover made me think of Ultimate Marvel, but anyway, I like Pete Wisdom (not sure why, I think it might be the suit, his simple but effective powers and his personality, ok, maybe I do know) and that's pretty much the reason I got this. I liked seeing the Beatle Skrull guy from Wisdom's other mini series (I don't think I finished that), wonder what happened to the other characters from it. Black Knight isn't a character I know very well, but I enjoyed his "stay flippant" strategy. And you can't deny how cool a knight's helmet and sword can be when mixed with jeans and a leather jacket. Spitfire biting the throats off of Skrulls is also good with me. Whatever happened at the end was interesting. I was never a huge fan of Captain Britain so I'm fine with the possibility of him dying, and that preview for next issue was cool as hell.

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That came out? I was just at the shop and ain't saw it. Dang it! Raggedy comic shops.

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This issue was great, i hope people buy it. I've always liked Captain Britain for some reason.

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I liked it. I like Captain Britain and Wisdom.

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