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Captain Bor' Aqh Sharaq was a Barachan Pirate and former member of the Red Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was a close knit organization of pirates who harried the western coasts of the Hyborian World, from Zingara in the north, to the Black Kingdoms in the south. Two other well known characters were also members at the same time as Sharaq; Conan of Cimmeria, and Valeria.

Captain Sharaq discovered Conan adrift at sea after escaping from a Zingaran prison. Sharaq believed that Conan was a spy for the Zingarans and set about torturing him to get information. Conan called for a trial by combat which was his right under the Barachan code. It was understood that the victor would claim the ship and crew as prize. During the fight Conan severs Sharaq's right hand and Sharaq is cast into the sea.

Sharaq washes up upon an island and eventually flags down a Zingaran naval vessel. The Zingarans recognize him and take him into custody. Under interogation by the Zingarans as to Conan's whereabouts, Sharaq does not talk, his hatred of Conan burning like a fire inside of him. He keeps the information to himself so that he alone can seek revenge upon the Cimmerian. The Zingarans begin to use torture, and gouge out his left eye. Sharaq, under extreme pain and duress, manages to break free from his chains, kill his captors, and escape.

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