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A doctor living in 17th century England, Blood spends his days reminiscing about his time adventuring through Europe. Blood soon winds up on the wrong side of a rebellion and is sentenced to ten years of hard labor on the island of Barbados.


 Ready for Battle
Captian Peter Blood is based in part on a real person named Colonel Thomas Blood (1618-1680).  He once tried to steal the England's crown Jewels from the Tower Of London.  He is also rumored to be involved in the attempted kidnapping and murder of the Duke of Ormonde.  Being well liked by King Charles II he ended up living his full life and died of natural causes.  The novel Captain Blood (1922) is the first appearance of Peter Blood in fiction created by Rafael Sabatini.

Character Evolution

A Man Of Adventure
Captain Blood makes a few brief appearances in comics.  In the League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen he is seen at the Pirate's Conference. While there he comments on the other Pirates and gives a brief description of each.

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