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Axis of Evil 
Otto Kronsteig was one of Hitler's most brilliant scientists, during which time he apparently developed a way to extend his life span.  After the Nazi's defeat he fled Germany and sought refuge in  Dr. Doom's Latveria, where he helped Doom create a size-reduction ray. 

Fearing that his assistant would attempt to betray him Doom tested the finished ray on Kronsteig.  Shrinking into a microverse, Krosteig arrived at the planetoid Moto ruled by the reality-altering Shaper of Worlds who, tired of bringing the slug-like inhabitants' dreams to life, fulfilled Kronsteig's dream of a Nazi-invaded USA by tuning the Motons into human beings, creating a war-torn Manhattan and installing Kronsteig as Fuhrer on Wall Street. 
The   Hulk, who had been shruck by Ant-man's serum also arrived on Moto and opposed Kronsteig.  Based on dreams of a genetic surgery-enhanced Nazi super-being taken from Kronsteig's mind, the Shaper transformed Kronsteig into Captain Axis and he fought the Hulk to a standstill.  Kronsteig mentioned that he could never dream of standing up to this challenge and since the Shaper could not maintain what could not be dreamed, Captain Axis reverted back into Kronsteig.  The Shaper then left retuning Moto to normal and left Kronsteig there.  


Captain Axis was created by Archie Goodwin and Herb Trimpe in 1972 and first appeared in The Incredible Hulk # 155.

  Captain Axis is also a villain mentioned in Watchmen. Nite-Owl floored him with a left hook.

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