Is Captain Atom a God ?

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I was doing some reserch on Captain Atom and I found something very interesting.

Captain Atom's metal skin is tied into the Quantum Field, which enables him to absorb and manipulate infinite amounts of energy, for an infinite amount of purposes the amount of which he can do is limited solely by his will power and imagination. He truly reinforces this fact when he realized that the Quantum Field is completely under his control and he can do anything he wishes. With this realization he tests his powers and by simply thinking of it, he is able to instantly create a replica of our Earth from nothing, complete with life. His power was such that he was able to easily create his own replicas of Superman, Flash, Firestorm and even his own Spectre. His power is such, that he went even further and by simply thinking of it, was able to instantaneously create an entire universe out of nothing, and just as easily destroyed it, but he has never used this level of power again as a result of him mentally limiting himself. Captain Atom's energy absorption power is second to none in the DCU, as he is able to absorb any form of energy and store it in his person. Captain Atom can fire and control energy of any form. He commonly manipulates his energy into force field bubbles, or explosive bombs, but the most common form is a simple blast. Over the years, Captain Atom has become an expert at his energy manipulation and can fire from any point on his body, though he usually uses his hands for ease of aiming. He can fire in multiple directions at once or from every point of his body at once. Several times he has "detonated," releasing a massive amount of energy at once, destroying objects within a certain radius.

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@Kid_Omega_Prime: Creating a universe alone should give you recognition

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He seems to have God-level power.

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I think if Thor could be called a God, Captain Atom should be.

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@Rumble Man: @Kid_Omega_Prime: It's important to note that the universe he created wasn't in the physical plane. It was in the Quantum Field, the realm that fuels his power. Check the page for more information.

@Adnan said:

I'm pretty sure he almost destroyed the Wildstorm Universe too at one point. From what I've read, his power is inconsistent. Seems to be one of those characters who are "as strong as the writer requires them to be", if you get what I mean.

He almost did, but that was because of the Void reaction that Apollo set off in his body. Power-wise, one could argue that he's a bit inconsistent at times.

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Having power does not make you a god. Being a god makes you a god. Ares is a god who isnt as powerful as galactus who isnt.

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@gavinification: How does one 'become' a god, there are also myths and religions about a human receiving enlightenment to achieve godhood

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@Rumble Man: Being widely accepted as a god makes you a god. And if you are talking about Buddha him being enlightened does not mean that all buddhists see him as a god, only the chinese I think. Buddhism by itself doesnt have a god.

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@gavinification: you mention the chinese, there we go godhood. Gods do not depend on human recognition.

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wow. dc creates another god-like character. they sure dont make a lot of those. how original.

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@Rumble Man: You contradict yourself.

You say that because one chinese form of buddhism, which is not the majority of buddhists so does not constitute being widely accepted as a god as I said, recognises buddha as a god therefore he is a god. Then you say that gods don't depend on human recognition.

What else do they depend on to call themselves gods if not recognition? Another condition of being a god by the way, you have to call yourself one.

God is just a word for a certain group of beings, in marvel anyway. Power is not the criteria for being in that group.Im sure its similar in DC seeing as I know the pantheons exist in DC and they also have more powerful cosmic beings.

*May as well add one more condition, the other gods have to accept you as well.

I think that more or less eliminates all the powerful "mortals" that might get worshiped as gods or set them selves up as gods. Which was intentional on my part.

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Captain Atom's been around since the 60's and his ties to the Quantum field aren't anything new. So no. They haven't created a new god like character.

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@Afro_Warrior: if you'd read my comment carefully i said created another god-like character not a new one. they reinvented him as a god-like character.

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@KainScion:Don't you have anything better to do than to troll DC character forums?

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@KainScion:@Afro_Warrior: And to be clear, Captain Atom was not a DC property when he was created, he was a Charlton Comics character, later acquired by DC.

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Being powerful doesn't make you a god, if that's the case then a lot of beings in a lot of comics would be considered Gods. He has godlike abilities but that doesn't make him one. I'm not gonna argue about what makes a being a god because lets be honest no one really knows but all we can go on are stories and belief and you have to ask your self this, do you think DC would really try to make him a god or are they just putting him on Dr. Manhattan levels? The latter seems more realistic to me.

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I do not believe that he himself is a god, but a person with the same abilities would be. His powers stem from the Quantum Field and to my understanding he has very little knowledge on the subject. If he were more intelligent he would be more powerful. Although if he was smarter the entire D/C Universe may be different.

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Well technically no but he's pretty much a god in all but name.

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I think if Thor could be called a God, Captain Atom should be.

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Captain Atom is more powerful than many of the "so-called" gods.

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but power does not make you a god, it is just a title. i know a god of hedgehogs. and i know lucifer.

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What is a god? its something that is worshipped...captain atom is not worshipped as far as I know...I don't think he is a god, although he has "god-like" powers...

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he have godlike powers at least in the quantum field but....

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