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Where am I?
One of the DCU's mightiest champions explodes straight from the pages of SUPERMAN/BATMAN and into the WildStorm Universe! But will the local heroes welcome Captain Atom with open arms or attack him, fearing him as the latest threat to their universe? Join Will Pfeifer (CATWOMAN, BLOOD OF THE DEMON), Giuseppe Camuncoli (THE INTIMATES, BATMAN) and Sandra Hope (ROBIN) as they explore the differences between both universes through the eyes of Captain Atom and begin a story that could lead to Armageddon in the WildStorm Universe! Plus, this special debut issue features two covers: one by award-winning painter Alex Ross and the other by fan-favorite Jim Lee!
Plot Summary
Bye Bye Majestic
Captain Atom flies a ship made to look like Batman and Superman as it explodes and saves the world.  A Captain Atom/like person lands back on Earth to find out he is celebrated as a hero and was thought to have died long ago.  The real Atom lands somewhere else in a universe will heroes rule as dictators.  He defeats Mr. Majestic to the surprise of the people who live there.

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CA: Armageddon #1 0

This issue gets 5 stars because it got me to buy 8 other comics. I like Wildstorm; I love Captain Atom, so this was a must read for me. The art in this series is awesome; super detailed, super large scale, and it looks like a comic, not real life, which I love. The two objectives of this run seem to be addressing the problems of the Wildstorm earth, and proving that the only reason Captain Atom is not a dominant force in the DCU is underuse. One of the most fun things about Armageddon is Captain...

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