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Nazi Go Home

I like these little mini jaunts into the history of Captain America.  Especially stories about him braining nazis with his shield and generally being a pain in the side to the "Master Race".  While so far this story has not been earth shattering (unless you call seeing Fury with both eyes earth shattering) it has been entertaining. 
Taking place in Wakanda this mini series revolves around the first meeting of Captain America and the Black Panther as these two men (with the help of the Howling Commandos) fight off the Red Skull and an invading group of Nazis.  As usual the reason behind any attempt to invade Wakanda is Vibranium and with evil plans in tow the Red Skull plans on destroying Wakanda and taking this prize for Hitler. 
Any one familiar with the Black Panther and Wakanda knows that this is easier said than done as the first attempt to storm the capital city ends up in the Nazis getting their arse handed to them (in a basket even) and Captain America and the Black Panther doing it all on their own.  Sure there are a few Wakandan techy things about the help but still a "green" Captain America and Black Panther whoop their enemy into retreat. 
The Red Skull being the evil so and so he is watches all this from afar taking notes and a measure of his enemies so that he can crush them with very evil and not nice things later.  He also captures and tortures citizens of Wakanda (the better to learn their secrets so insert your own evil laugh right about and as Captain America and the Black Panther continue an earlier conversation great evil is busy getting ready to ruin their day. 
I like the fast pace of the story and the action is brutal and messy and rather fitting for as the saying goes war is hell and man o man a mini can of hell is opened on the invading forces.  Normally I would say the concept of Wakanda being invaded for Vibranium is a tad bit "been there seen that before" but it works here.  This is a war story and during WWII if such a metal was real you can bet your fanny that the Nazi's and mom and apple pie would have been after it. 
Overall not a bad read but not one I would scream from the top of the mountains that you have to have it.  I would have been happier to see it in the 2.99 price range instead of 3.99.  The art is serviceable but at times just as brutal as the action yet fits this story.


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