When does number 4 come out??

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Marvel's website said it came out October 12th but it sill isn't showing up at my local comic shop or online stores. whats the deal???

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Well, issue #3 came out Sep. 21st so for #4 to be released on the 12th would be early (not that it doesn't happen). I can tell you that it's not being solicited on Diamond Comics for Oct. 26th or Nov. 2nd so far. Looking like Nov. 9th maybe?
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@IrishX: Thats really strange, because marvel's website says #5 comes out November 9th...

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I'm pretty sure it should come out on the 28th, the 5th one coming out on November 5th must be wrong...

#5 Posted by Daycrawler (554 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, this sort of thing has been happening on a few titles recently, though they've usually come out the week after Marvel's date. Hope Captain America isn't going all Kick Ass 2 on us!

#6 Posted by spiderman20991992 (126 posts) - - Show Bio

it's the 26th and still no #4 :(

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@spiderman20991992: It's going to be out on November 16th.
#8 Posted by spiderman20991992 (126 posts) - - Show Bio

@IrishX: yeah, the guy at my comic shop said its was editorial error or something of the sort! but at least we have a date now!

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