$3.99 = 10 Pages???

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So I just picked up my comics for the last fortnight and noticed that Captain America #4 seemed awfully thin compared to the other books. Did a page count and there was just 10, (Excluding ads and crappy preview that was in Marvel comic that week) and then noticed it was one or Marvel's $3.99 books. Was this just a ridiculously short book or have I picked up a dodgy issue? How many pages did your copy have? Thanks

#2 Posted by HotSauceCommittee (345 posts) - - Show Bio

Problem solved, turns out my copy has 10 pages missing...great.

#3 Posted by jloneblackheart (5517 posts) - - Show Bio

I got a comic like that once. It was bagged with a full copy and a half copy.

#4 Posted by ReVamp (22885 posts) - - Show Bio

That sucks.

#5 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (4109 posts) - - Show Bio


Weird. Why have a full and a half copy? Seriously, why?

#6 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (2143 posts) - - Show Bio

$3.99 for 20 pages is still bull. All the $2.99 comics are 20 pages, at least DC's are. To be $3.99 it needs at least 30 pages of story.

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