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This video contains PREVIEW PAGES of Captain America #601:


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I never read Red, White, and Black, which I believe was the first appearance of Isiah Bradley. But I grew up with Cap as the only Super Soldier and since Cap was created first then Cap was the original Super Soldier and so he received the serum first. Also in Captain America #600 it says Cap was the first and Isiah Bradley was given the serum after they tried to recreate it.

So if you go by the history of Captain America, which is much more established and long running it would the Steve Rogers who was the first recipient of the Super Soldier Serum.

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Thanks. I know it seems confusing. It's like Marvel created Isaiah after the fact but I thought he was tested first. I mean, that's how clinical trials work -- you test then deliver the final product. Apparently this was a case where the formula was lost and being re-created, hence new test subjects (or so I've been told).
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may be off topic, but you're a cutie. lol.

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@Amber: No problem, glad I could help.
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@santeria_smith: sure, thanks!

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