Would Captain America.....?

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Would Captain American endorse the use of steroids? I mean, he was a man that was injected with a "serum" that enhanced his abilities turning him into a super soldier, which sounds like steroids to me only permanent. What do you think?

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No he would not endorse something terrible for you.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
" No he would not endorse something terrible for you. "
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It just seems like a less permanent slower version of the super soldier serum... sounds kinda hypocritical 

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Nope, no way, no how, never.   
Kinda ironic, isn't it?
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@PowerHerc:  It is actually
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The super solder serum its self could be comparable to Steroids, but it was the bombardment of VIta-Ray radiation that made it super.  The serum has to be considered in its entirely, and it change his mental and cognitive ability as well.  With those two specifics added its not comparable at all.

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Cap took the serum to become a soldier to fight for his country because he was a weak little pansy. I could see how that could technically be seen as using steroids, but for anything other than doing what he did, he wouldn't endorse any kind of enhancement drugs. 

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Depends on the context. 
If for your own fun and looks, then no. 
However if it was to go fight a threat to America...then yes if it was part of the military program if you were badly needed and the army couldnt build you up the old fashion way, or dont have the time.

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