who came first... Steve or Isaiah

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need clarification...

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Seriously? haha     Steve..............................
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@ebuchanan: then why is it that some peopel think Isaiah was injected with the SSS before Steve..
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   Steve is the original SSS patient  
Marvel is always retconing things,  so this might explain why isaiah is now claiming to be first to use it, ( its just another plot device) 
But historically and for decades before isaiah was even thought of, it was Steve.......................

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In the comics, Isaiah was injected first, but Steve existed as a character long before Isaiah.

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wait hold up i just found out... i guess Steve got injected before Isaiah 
Steve was injected with the SSS in 1941... Isaiah was in 1942. 
meaning steve was first 
but, it always seemd Isaiah got his  
but i guess some people are saying steve was first.. 
im so confused

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@Glabal500: I guess you're right. I thought he was a test subject for the original serum, but he was apparently a test subject for a recreation of the serum.
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Steve Rogers appeared as Captain America in 1941.  He's the first.  
Isaiah Bradley being the first recipient of the Super Soldier Serum was a modern story that retconned the history of Captain America and made Bradley first in Marvel Universe continuity.
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Clint was the first, then Steve got injected. But suddenly with the arrival of a nazi spy who killed Erskine, no one knew the SSS formula anymore, so they tried making a new one, and they used black men, minorities. Isaiah is the only one who survived/it was successful on.

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Supposedly the creators of the Red, White and Black never intended for Isaiah to be the original. It's been a while since I read it, but it reads like it's insisted that the experiments were done on the African Americans before it was done on Steve, but supposedly that's not what happened. Though it seems AFTER Red, White and Black that it's been changed to Isaiah being the original [namely in Young Avengers]. Though, there are a few of super soldiers that came before Steve, namely Protocide, who supposedly was given the serum before Steve. There's also the German made John Steel who was changed during WWI and is supposedly [according to his recent appearances and re-establishment into the Marvel Universe since the Golden Age in titles such as the Marvels Project and Secret Avengers] superior to Steve Rogers physically, and is supposedly the precursor to the experiments done on Luke Cage.     

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