Which book does Cap enter suspended animation?

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Well, I'm kind of trying to make sense of the Marvel Universe's history pre-Fantastic Four #1, and we all know that before these guys, Captain America and Bucky fought with a group called the Invaders.

Well, so far I have come to believe the Invaders wheren't mentioned till after the Avengers found him in ice.

I'd just like to know, is it revealed Cap falls into the ice during the Golden Age, or the Silver Age?
Which title originally depicted this? I'm curious to know if they decided to do this during the end of WWII, because it would be one hell of a wierd story to do, or when Stan Lee created the Avengers, which would make much more sense as to why he was in ice.

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Hell, no idea, man.

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@archlord: It was first revealed in Avengers #4 when he was found. His original title was just cancelled after his popularity waned in the 50s(I think that is when it was cancelled). They created the whole frozen backstory so that he could be alive in the present day and not WW2 days. It never happened in his own series. It was a giant ret-con to make sense for him to be around now.

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Thanks a lot! That's extremely helpful in trying to get a basic understanding of the universe. It's amazing how important that is.

So it just goes to show that anything that predates Lee/Kirby shouldn't be taken seriously. I just wonder if anything pre Fantastic Four #1 should be given much consideration. Not like we can read that anyway, lol.

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Cap's suspended animation was retrofitted into canon as a way to explain where he had been between WWII and the time when he was reintroduced into the Marvel Universe.

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I believe it was Captain America 99. Because when Cap got his own comic series on the 60's, it started on issue #100.

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