Where did he learn how to fight?

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I like Captain America a lot, he is my favorite Marvel hero, and my second favorite superhero. I understand the super soldier serum makes him faster, stronger, etc. and that his shield is indestructible. However, his hand to hand combat comes from the military if I am not mistaken. I am not saying military training is not intense, but it is not the most elite martial arts program in the world. Yet he is said to be better than the likes of Daredevil and even as good as Batman,   who both spent many years doing the whole mystic ninja thing. I understand with the SSS he can do more with military training, but I do not see where his technique got THAT good. Has there ever been a story depicting training for him, not counting sparring with other heroes?
Seriously, check my lists. I love Captain America (the real one, not Bucky) and I am NOT trying to mock him.

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I'm Interested to know....Come on Captain America fans
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Yes originally all he had to go on was military hand to hand combat, but since his thawing he's trained and fought the best fighters through the Marvel U. I don't believe its ever been revealed who trained Cap. Yet with the Avengers/JLA crossover that is considering canon to both companies Batman has mentioned that Cap has used moves that he himself has no idea existed. Sorry I didn't really answer your question, because I am just not sure where he got his training.

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Probably has something to do with the serum; maybe he's like the movie version of V.

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Wow, great point that for some reason I never thought of.... I would like to hear an answer as well. (IMO, not better than Batman, or DD, as well as a select few others in h2h)

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I've always wondered that as well. Same with his leadership and tactical abilities. They must have been learned right so why is he the best at everything? Those wouldn't have come from the serum.
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He made his own fighter style in world war 2
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@batman_is_god said:
"Has there ever been a story depicting training for him, not counting sparring with other heroes?"
None that I recall, we just know that he trains rigorously. In all forms of combat.
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Off the top of my head (from the very old Marvel U Manual) he was Military trained and then became an expert in Boxing, Kickboxing, and Judo.  Cap then started creating an acrobatic hybrid of all three.  I have also read that he was able to witness fighters styles and preform the styles perfectly the first time.  I wish I could find the example of this.  I am not saying he is Taskmaster, but closely to just as adaptable.  I would love for someone with a deeper knowledge to answer this question.   

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I figured he got some of it from the military but i thought after he was thawed they trained him at S.H.E.I.L.D...

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