When is Steve Rogers going to return?

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..... he's already back.

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he has
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You mean as Captain America, right?
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Maybe you should start reading comics *jokes*

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i know hes back Ive read reborn, but when will he become a regular in the  avengers like he was before,and return to his own  ongoing series,stolen by bucky lol.
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@jumpstart55: There's no plans for him to return as Captain America. Steve will get his own individual title (Steve Rogers: Super Soldier) in a few months and he's leading the Secret Avengers title now. Bucky will remain Captain America for a while.
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@jamesewelch: what name  is he going by now?
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@jumpstart55:  Steve Rogers. He's been in most of the new Avengers titles and end of Siege.
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I hope he doesn't and we create a new character. That would be awesome.

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