What will propel Steve to become Captain America?

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 Let me clear this first. I would have preferred that Bucky stay on as Captain America. Sure, I’m not a long time Captain America fan. In fact, I began reading comics, when Bucky was Cap. I caught up some of the important stories like Civil War and the “Death” of Captain America. I felt it was a natural progression of the character and liked Brubaker's writing. When Steve returned from his lost in time adventures, he motivated Bucky to stay on as Cap. Now with Brubaker restarting on Captain America in July, you wonder how much of what he has done with Bucky will matter. 

 The weight of Bucky's future hangs in the balance.


There are only a few reasons, I think, that would pull Steve to go back to being Cap. Currently, Bucky is in custody and Steve has primarily been concerned with getting him out. However, in the point one issue, we see a certain mysterious character (more on that in another blog) trying to force Steve’s hand to becoming Cap again. Currently with no one trotting around as Cap, the shield and the symbolism, the Marvel Universe must appear a darker place. It may be compared to the end of Civil War, the only moment in recent times, when there was no Captain America.

So now with the idea that there must always be a Captain America, the only salvageable reasons for Bucky to lose the mantle are:

1.        Bucky dies.

2.        Bucky is brainwashed and becomes the Winter Soldier again.

3.        Steve’s vision comes to fruition.

4.        Bucky cannot get out of jail and has to serve a long-term sentence.

Death is already overplayed in comics. 4 I think is also a terrible idea. 2 I think would destroy everything that Brubaker has done with Bucky. 3 may work, but we are not quite sure what Steve’s vision was, all we got were glimpses of destruction and the gesture that this is relevant to Bucky’s future. 
 Can you think of any other good reasons for Steve to become Cap and what do you think his vision may entain?
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Truthfully, i dont buy if Buck dead again or brainwashed. Steve vision may came to fruition but i prefer that Buck cant get out of jail and serve a long-term sentence. BUT he can be pardon if he work as a goverment agent, with he's background as a sidekick but mostly as a soldier, an assassin and a covert ops. So to escape jail, the goverment gave/offer him a chance to redeem himself by working with them....say as the new USAgent...?

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Serving a sentence doesn't do Bucky justice. After saving people, he goes to rot in jail?
And, there already is a US Agent. I don't want Buck to be taking other identities that he might have to return in the future.
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Isnt John Walker now head security for the Raft?

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@darque26:  Well what when he wants to reclaim his identity? what then?
@War Killer: How does that not destroy everything that Brubaker did to present Bucky as Cap since the end of Civil War?
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@A_O_N: Personally I'm waiting for the story and seeing what Brubaker does with Bucky first since I still trust him with the character, but one thing that proves is that they aren't going to kill Bucky off.
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Half of his limb is gone and he doesnt want any cybernatic enhancement....i think he'll be inactive in super heroing for awhile....

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yeah that might work.

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@GTG12: Its a shame if Marvel bring Buck back and end up killing him again....

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