What is Captain Americas religion?

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Well this may be a dumb question but reading through the comics he doesn't really mention it really. So i would be happy to know what it is and please don't start a religion war here.



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Non-religious Christian or Catholic?

I'm just guessing...
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Ultimate Cap is Christan he goes to Church every sunday

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I think he is one of the Christian denominations especially since  a huge percentage of people were Christian in the 40's but  idk. I would say he is protestant personally but thats my guess.
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I've read a lot of Cap stories over the years and I've never heard it mentioned.

That said; given his era of origin, his race and his nationality it's safe to assume he is either Catholic or some denomination of Protestant. 

It's highly unlikely that he's a Jew or athiest.  And it's certain he's not Buddist, Hindu or Muslim. 

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Yeah i agree he's probably one of those.

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I think I read he was protestant
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Protestant Christian... 
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@TheCheeseStabber said:
Ultimate Cap is Christan he goes to Church every sunday
As a Christian myself, I always liked how they would slip that into the story, I loved seeing the argument Cap and Thor had in Ultimates 2 as well as when Ultimate Gah Lak Tus was coming and Cap talks to Nick Fury about his faith in God being tested, pretty powerful stuff right there that I wish we'd see more in our comic books.
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Pretty sure he's Christian.

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He's a buddhist monk. Clearly.

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@InnerVenom123 said:
He's a buddhist monk. Clearly.
Yep. You'd think the orange robes and shaved head would make that obvious.
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Christian, in 616 is less notorious but in Ultimate is as clear as glass.
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I thought 616 Cap was Protestant?

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He's a god fearing red blooded American. Looking at the time period he was plucked from I have to agree he's either Protestant or Catholic. My money is on Protestant. That site backs me up.
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Haha lol
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I thought his mom was Irish Catholic* 
*Comment made in Colombia! :)

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I 'm pretty certain he's a Christian -but of a non-denominational brand of Protestantism( full disclosure: religious affilations and beliefs of comic book characters-esp  marvel ones-are a perennial interest of mine!).

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I´d bet protestant...but what does it matter to what fictional character(s) the fictional characters in comics belive in?

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May be Agnostic, may be Protestant. If Protestant, probably something like Presbyterian or Methodist.

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I'd say Roman Catholic since he has an Irish background.

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I would think he would answer that by saying something about being a "God Loving American," and not with a specific religion, though I imagine he would be protestant.

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@batflasharrow96 said:

I'd say Roman Catholic since he has an Irish background.

That is a very good point.

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