Trying to find a specific issue ... with Doom and Zola.

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Hi - I'm hoping the gang here can help me find a specific issue of Captain America which had a specific scene with Doctor Doom in it.

I'm fairly certain that the issue is during Brubaker's run - after Cap's death and before his return.. but I cannot seem to identify which issue.

The issue had a scene in which Zola is apparently having difficulties making Doom's time device work properly to either cast Cap away in time, or retrieve his body.

Doom then joins Zola, and I believe Red Skull to make the device work. At which point there is an exchange between the two that has a great 'Doom-ism' in it:

<the device starts working>

Zola: Its working.....

Doom, hands folded behind his back: "Of course it is fool, now that Doom is overseeing your task."

Does anyone know which issue this scene appears in?

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@MacBulldog: The issue that you are looking for is Captain America - Reborn - Part 4.

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