Super Soldier Serum

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This is what we have on the page for it, and I was wondering if anyone had anything else to add to it, or knew what else it did. Like did it enhance his vision, hearing, touch, and smell as well?

The Super-Soldier Serum increased his body to the physical maximum. He literally has the max abilities it's possible to have and not be a superhuman. He is as intelligent, fast, durable, strong, and agile as any human could be. He could win every contest in the Olympics, weightlifting to racing. He has run a mile in roughly a minute and bench-pressed 1100 pounds. A major part is that the serum prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles. This means he effectively never tires, so he can do such extraordinary feats and fight for such a long time. This also means he cannot become intoxicated and is immune to many diseases. The serum has also enhanced his reflexes and senses

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Well hearing, touch, and smell are all parts of ones senses so I'd assume based on that entry the answer to your question would be yes.

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I think there is a limit to what the human body can do yes. Or at least contain before it snaps.

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The concept of the human maximum is interesting, do you suppose there really is one?

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Oh another question about the serum. They say a person only uses a small portion of his brain (forgive me I do not know the exact stats). Do you think the serum allowed him to access all of his brain functions more properly.

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lmao, that was funny, and yeah it helps Thanks.

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Not sure if this helps any or not.

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