Steve Rogers and his Secret Avengers

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So we now know that Steve Rogers will be leading the Secret Avengers. He will be joined by Beast, War Machine, Nova, Valkyrie, Ant-Man, Moon Knight, and maybe Black Widow. I'm really looking forward to this line-up. Whats everyone else think about this line-up? I mean we finally get to see Steve lead another Avengers team. Thats awesome right?
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I still hate the Steve isn't Cap

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This is the new team of Avengers I'm looking forward to most actually.

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Great team I will be picking this book up

#5 Posted by brewski420 (448 posts) - - Show Bio

how could you not pick this series up. Def most interesting up-coming series

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who care that Steve Rogers isn't Cap anymore, he's been cap off and on for what over 70 years?   Sometimes change is needed I personally thought his death was meaningless and had no time to really impact the superhero world.  They gave you no time to miss him.  This whole situation with Cap and Bucky mirrors Batman and Robin right now, and they are both making mistakes to me.  Killing a superhero then promoting the former sidekick who has already established a new name for themselves, make them change who they are to become their mentor and then bring the former hero back to reclaim it.  Either kill these guys or let them move on to bigger and better things, stop these temporary replacements unless your really gonna give a new hero behind these masks a real chance.  I personally like how the next generation is stepping up to carry the torch, steve Rogers will always be a super soldier he doesn't have to be cap.  Let him do something like be the new director of shield or US military forces, he can be a director that's struggling to stay off the battlefield in favor of his troops...or he can be like a mentor to the new avengers.  I just think it's time for cap to be decorated for his service.  And Bucky should be left to handle being Cap, and for the record Bruce Wayne can go do something else too hell he's been a regular peak human long enough give em a power and a new purpose!!!  I mean these changes have gotta be better than needlessly killing hero's and re-arranging things if your just gonna bring them back.
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I like this line-up a lot, I'm looking forward to reading it

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out of curiosity who is the new ant man? is it o'gready from the thunderbolts?

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I don't know, the line-up seems kind of random to me, but this gives the most story potential. What brings all these people together?
I want to really understand Steve's purpose in his uniform and persona now too.

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I am curious as how they are going to handle Nova. Is he permanently Earth-bound, or will he be making guest appearances when he isn't in space? I just hope his series isn't cancelled(I know it is taking a break, but it is supposed to be a temporary one) over this.

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  @Postacrat: I honestly thought that Cap was dead for too short of a time as well (3 years). I also agree that Batman's "death" was convoluted and worthless. Why would DC publish Batman's Death twice (final crisis and R.I.P kinda.) when the Dark Knight was one of the highest grossing movies in the Decade.  Both Companies did it for shock value. However, I lost more respect for DC for publishing such a convoluted nonsensical story (R.I.P.) and then tricking the reader with Batman's demise only to actually kill him (but not really) in Final Crisis. I mean come on. At least Marvel tried to give Steve's apparent death with an impact of emotion and symbolism. I hardly heard anything about Batman dying because Cap's was such a big deal. Of course they are both back now so none of what happened before doesn't really matter. I am glad that Bucky is staying as Cap. I highly doubt that Dick Grayson will remain as Batman for long.

Anyway, that is not what this thread is about. The selection in Secret Avengers is one of the most random rosters I have ever seen. That said, I think all the choices are interesting nonetheless. I want to see why these individuals were those chosen.

General questions that I have:

Will this be a team under SHIELD? Many sources are pointing to Rogers being the director. One can’t help but think whether or not that this is a SHIELD project.

Who is the Ant-Man on the Team? I want to say Pym, but I would think his Headmaster duties for Avengers Mansion would be more important. And I kinda like his Wasp costume.

Why isn’t Dr. Voodoo on the team? With his series canceled I think he should’ve been placed on the team. This is a personal question on my part. I like Dr. Strange and all, but the presentation of the Dr. Voodoo book was really cool. It was definitely canceled way too early. Also, a major magic element to the team couldn’t hurt.

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@reaper2923 said:
" I still hate the Steve isn't Cap "
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The team is pretty cool, except It just seems nova is a bit random on the team, but we never know, Brubaker might pull it off.

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