My problem with Captain America: First Avenger.

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Captain America is a good action comic movie, but the problem that holds it back from being good to great is the pacing and drawn out begging act of the film. The action was great even when it became a little silly with Cap kicking an amored soldier 20 feet in the air, the dialogue was decent for the comic adaptation, and the side characters were forgettable. Hugo Weaving was perfect as the Red Skull, Tommy Lee Jones was fun as Colonel Chester, Dominic Cooper played well as Howard Anthony Stark, and Hayley Atwell played a subpar Peggy Carter (likely due to script).  More details later, need rest....
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i too thought the beginning dragged on a bit too long. the fact that all the mission Cap goes on (minus the first and last) are done in a montage was also a big let down. wanted to see him and his team interact a bit more.  liked all the characters in the movie especially Tommy Lee Jones. Peggy Carter  was done well in the film, i thought.  she was played as a strong female role, but not like Hollywood does a lot by making the woman act like men. no she was just a strong woman. really liked her character, though i couldn't get too into her and Caps relationship. knowing what was going to happen kinda of killed it.
overall i liked the movie, but i went in hoping for the best comic movie to date. i did not get that, but i guess thats my own fault for over hyping the movie for myself. would recommend to people for sure.

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I liked it. But i thought Thor was better.

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@VanTesla: @Gambit1024: @nnotdead: @nnotdead
Pretty much agree with everyones gripes
Myself,...I expected more since everyone was raving about....I just had to facepalm at the corny...It's not the 80's anymore.
It was a good movie, but I thought X-men First Class and Thor were superior for several reasons
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I thought that the Red Skull was a little under-developed as a character and the graphics on pre-rebirth Steve, while impressive were a little off, because of the huge head and small body and I also thought that the ending was over a little too quickly, I'd liked to have had the actual freezing and / or unfreezing

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Damn you Americans !
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@nnotdead: I think they were trying to leave room for possible sequels set in WW2 in between his origin and getting frozen as for the end I'm glad they took care of it prior to the Avengers movie because they have a lot to cover there and Cap's return would just be too much
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The only part I didnt like is that long USO sequence. -cringes-

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@Kairan1979 said:
1. More screen time for Howling Commandos.
2. Steve/Peggy romance looks forced for me (unlike Bruce Banner/Betty Ross from Incredible Hulk, for example).
3. The phrase about
ruined the ending, which was good, very Twelve-like.
How did it ruin the ending? Personally I liked that line since it gave off the feeling that Steve still hadn't really registered that "hey, you've been asleep for 70 years" just yet. How the Avengers trailer started we could start to see that being a "man out of time" is starting to take its toll on Steve as he punches a punching-bag across the room.
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Has anyone ever read the short story "Beware of the Dog" by Roald Dahl?  The ending reminds me a lot of that.

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I thought the Red Skull needed to be more evil and obsess with killing Cap more like the comics.. you know build up the relationship to show that these two are bitter enemies more.  That was my biggest problem really.  Granted, they only have limited time but in the comics the two met a  lot and whatnot.  That was my biggest problem.

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The scene in a camp in the middle of the movie. Colonel Philips tells Peggy that they searched everywhere for Cap but found nothing. Question is - how they managed to miss 400 armed men and a tank?

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I didn't have any problems with it, I loved it

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What difference does it make if it was done before or after the credits? 
No one really stays after the credits roll, don't you think if they saved his revival for after the credits that they would have been confused when it came to the Avengers?

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@G Bird said:
I didn't have any problems with it, I loved it

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